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Rutgers Accelerated Program - Testing out of certain prerequisites



I was wondering if anyone that was accepted or is currently attending Rutgers' accelerated BSN program had to challenge any courses before starting the program? I have to take exams for the following courses - human interactive process and cultural dimensions of humans and their environment. I was wondering if anyone out there could say if they had to take these exams and if so, are they really difficult or do-able provided one puts in a solid couple weeks of studying...

If anyone could help me with this, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm not looking for specifics on the exams themselves, just trying to gauge if I have enough time to study at this point - I have unitl the middle of may to take the tests.

Many thanks in advance for any help!

Hi Elizabeth.

I have an exact case here...excpet I am 2009! I have those same courses to challenge and I have no idea what they are about. I am glad I have found someone to ride with! Wow! Please let me in on any information that can help. I hope to catch U there! Thanks


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I wasn't in the acclerated program, but I did attend Rutgers. I can tell you that in human interactive process (HIP) you learn about the different communication techniques and how to do process recordings. Cultural dimensions is simply learning about different cultures and how to properly communicate with people of different backgrounds.

Thanks. I hope I get an A in both then. I am just about to register to challenge them.:rolleyes:


I am an accelerated program alum (I finished last august) and I was able to test out of all four classes, I would definitely say that the Life San and Nutrition tests were the most challenging. I also still have the text books I purchased for the challenges if you are interested in buying them.

Thank Meggers628, That's nice...what were the other two courses? I do not have to test out lifespan and nutrition. How was the program? Is it possible to work part time while at it? What is the ratio of people who started to those who ended? Is the program organized? Were your clinicals in Newark? And how are the professors? This is because I have a choice between Rutgers ABSN and UMDNJ ABSN and I am trying to pick out the less stressful program of the two. Since you have been there...please advice me. I will appreciate it. All other information and advice necessary from anyone reading this post. :coollook: Thanks

Hi Meggers628,

I'm a newly admitted one in Rutgers ABSN program, and have to take the challenge exams. I want to buy your Nutrition book if you still have it. And also want to get some tips of the test. Would you mind tell us more about ABSN program that you have been through last year when you have chance?

Hope you here from you soon.


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Hi there,

I'm a student in the accelerated Rutgers program right now (will be finished this August). I didn't test out of the classes, but a bunch of my classmates did. It seemed that they all bought the book, read through it and studied a bit and did fine on the exams. I would recommend challenging as may courses as you can- much cheaper and quicker than taking the class. The courses you are allowed to challenge are listed on the Rutgers nursing website.

The program is pretty good. It's not as hard as they make it out to be. If you work at it, you'll be fine. The worst part of it all is managing the Rutgers bureaucracy. Sometimes it's tough to get in contact with the administration, and you have to figure a lot out for yourself.

I think it is definitely possible to work part time. The first summer is probably the hardest/most work. But if you make it through that you'll be fine. I feel like I have a lot of free time now.

Our group is rather small, we started with 7 and now have 6. We have done clinicals all over- Saint Peter's in New Brunswick, Morristown Memorial, UBHC, and we'll be at Valley Hospital and VNA Red Bank this summer. Also, while the program is based in Newark, we ended up having to go to New Brunswick in the fall semester for classes. I'm not sure if that is because our group was so small. But I would anticipate possible commuting costs.

I've heard that the UMDNJ program has had some legal issues, but I really don't know anything further than that. The Rutgers program is cheaper and good quality. Professors have generally been helpful (some are always better than others).

If you have any other specific questions, please ask. It would have been so helpful to have a former student to talk to before I started, so please let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you soooooo much LoriNJ.

Of course it is a lof of help to have some comments from former student.

I'm so relieved that you said it's bearable course work. Cause I've been so much worried about the workload. As you mentioned, contacting Rutgers admin is so tough. Never gotten any answers. It is rather easier to ask this forum.

The orientation is held next week. I expect to get more information from it.

What do you mean by the group? Is class divided into small groups?

How was the online courses offered for summer? Was it ok?

BTW, congrats to you graduating!!


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The group that I mentioned is our class of accelerated students (Class of 2009). Only 7 students participated last May, and we ended up having 6 by the end of the summer. But the 6 of us take all of our classes together. In the summer it was just us in Nursing Care I and II as well as Health Assessment. These 3 classes were held in a classroom at Rutgers and were challenging, but manageable. Like I said the summer is probably the hardest, because things move pretty fast. Past that, it is much easier to work with.

The other 2 classes in the summer, Patho and Pharm, are online. However, you have different professors than we did, so they might run the class a little different. Personally, I don't like online courses. I found it difficult to get motivated. You need to just be regimented and say. "Ok, from 3-5 on Monday I'm going to do this online class." And stick with it. It requires A LOT more self-teaching.

Overall the program is pretty reading intensive. Textbooks are essential and not reading really isn't an option. It's not just for your tests in class, but you'll need to know all that stuff for the NCLEX and in your career as well.

During the fall and spring you take classes with other nursing students. The lectures are about 100 students, but your clinical group will be just accelerated students.

Orientation did answer a few questions, hopefully your group is a little larger than ours. We were scared they wouldn't run the program with such few students, but thankfully they did! Let me know if you have any other questions! (Also if anyone else in the program that you meet at orientation has any, just have them message me or ElizabethNJ18 who started this post, she is a student in the current program as well) :)


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If anyone is interested, I have the syllabi to: Nutrition, Cultural Dimensions, and Trends in Health Care Delivery; just send me a message and I can email them to you to get an idea of what the class is like/what would be tested on the challenge exam. Not sure how to post them here.

Thanks again for your quick response.

Now I got some ideas about the program. Please thank to ElizabethNJ too.

Let me get back to you if there is more questions after get in to the program.

I definately need them since I have to take four of them. Would you send me the syllabi for me?

My email address is


I want all those three courses you mentioned.

That would be my lifesaver.

Thanks again LoriNJ.

Hi favorite1,

I too have to test out of these exams. I only have the syllabus for Cultural Dimensions of Humans and Their Environment and have ordered the books through Amazon.com. I will be at the registration on April 15. Hope to see you there. If you need to contact me my email is:


Hi Sunnyj1,

Thanks for your offer. I got it from LoriNJ. I need Human interactive stuff too. If you get things about it please share with me. Nice to meet my classmate here. See you then.

Hi all,,Thanks Lori for all the info... I am glad I have people who can guide me now...I have a question though, What will happen at the orientation on the 15th? This is because I will not be available to attend the orientation and because Sunny says registration will be going on that day too...is it true? Can U guys let me know whatever happens there? and give me any information? I would really appreciate it..and can we form a little group to help each other study and get ready for the challenge tests?

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