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  1. ladyash

    Working at Saint Barnabas

    It took about a month
  2. ladyash

    Working at Saint Barnabas

    Has anyone worked for Saint Barnabas in Livingston? I recently got a call back and was wondering how is it working there? Is the pay good? How are the units (nurse/patient ratio)? How are the nurses?
  3. ladyash

    Elmhurst HHC Interview process?

    Hi Yakuza77, I'm not sure if you interviewed with Elmhurst yet but I am currently working at Metropolitan which is a part of HHC and I think the interview process should pretty much be the same. I started as a new grad about 3 years ago and the med calculation test is pretty straight forward. I think there may have been a few clinical questions. I first interviewed with the nurse recruiter where I took the written exam and she asked basic questions about why you got into nursing and about your different clinical experiences. I then was interviewed by the Head nurse of the unit where I will be working and with the ADN of the department. They reviewed my resume and asked questions based on that and then gave me a tour of the unit where I would be working. Hope this helps and good luck on your interview.
  4. ladyash

    Applying for NY licensure from NJ

    i graduated in nj and have my nj license and applied for my ny license. i eamiled the ny license department and they emailed me the steps needed to obtain a ny license. licensure from any state to new york you will have to complete 2 forms 2 online courses and provide verification of your registration and nclex score in order to obtain licensure in new york. 1.)you will complete nurse form1 application for licensure and first registration along with fee of $135.00 payable to new york state dept. of education 2.) you will complete nurse form 2 certification of professional education 3.) you will either complete nurse form3 verification of other professional 4.) if you were educated outside of the united states you will have to obtain a cgfns credential verification. their forms are available online www.cgfns.org or call 215-349-8767 licensure/certification or you will put your registration information on nursys so we may check your registration and nclex status. all forms are available on our website: www.op.nysed.gov 1.) if you are an rn you will take a online course in child abuse and maltreatment it is offered online one website is www.elearnonline.net this course is required prior to licensure.. 2.) a second course you will have to take is infection control and barrier protection a course that you will take prior to contact with patients. hope this helps
  5. ladyash

    NJ review centers for nclex-rn

    rutgers university offers a nclex review course. http://nursing.rutgers.edu/node/3827 hope this helps
  6. ladyash

    Rutgers NCLEX Review

    I took the Rutgers NCLEX. The program is all information. They do not go over strategies used for answering questions. I found it helpful with reviewing the different topics.
  7. ladyash

    City Hospitals (HHC) Hiring ?

    here is the website that has all hhc hospitals: http://employment.nychhc.org/
  8. ladyash

    City Hospitals (HHC) Hiring ?

    I was called for an interview and met with the nurse recruiter and then the Head nurse and ADON of the unit I was interviewing on the same day. A few weeks later they called to let me know I was hired.
  9. ladyash

    Metropolitan Hospital Center

    Here is the website that has all HHC hospitals: http://employment.nychhc.org/
  10. ladyash

    Metropolitan Hospital Center

    Thank you for the response but they are now accepting new grads for some positions because I was hired in July.
  11. ladyash

    what nursing school do/did you attend?

    Rutgers University, BSN 2008
  12. ladyash

    City Hospitals (HHC) Hiring ?

    yeah i started July 7th and am in orientation now
  13. ladyash

    NJ New Grad RN Looking For Work in NYC?

    I already had a NJ license and applied for a NY license. I would suggest you start the process soon because it took me about 2-3 months before I received my license. NY requires you take a child abuse class (you can take it online) and another one and NY has to get papers from the NJ board of nursing and your school before you can get your license.
  14. ladyash

    City Hospitals (HHC) Hiring ?

    I was hired last month by a HHC hospital, but you have to check there openings frequently because they post positions and remove them fast. Also, I never filled out an application until I was contacted for an interview. I simply mailed my cover letter and resume to the nurse recruiter and they contacted me. So even if they do have any openings listed, still send in your resume so that if an opening happens, they already have your resume on file.
  15. ladyash

    question about resume

    When I graduated I had no other nursing experience other than my clinical experience. So I listed my clinical experience under the heading "Clinical Experience" and my work experience under "Work Experience". I did list work experience that had nothing to do with nursing. I think you should consider yourself as a new RN with no experience since you already have your license.