Rotator Cuff Surgery. How long will I be off work


I have a full tear of a rotator cuff.  I have been working through the pain for about 6 months, but it is getting harder to tough through and I am planning to get it repaired in January.  I am a floor RN on a med surge tele floor.  Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge in how long I will be out of work?  Thank you in advance for sharing


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The best person to answer this question is your orthopedic surgeon. He or she will be able to give you a ballpark figure as to how long it might take to heal (it’s different for each patient), and of course you’ll have PT and OT so they can weigh in on your progress too. I hope the surgery goes well for you and that you heal quickly. Good luck!

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There isn't one single way to repair a rotator cuff.  Sometimes it can be done arthroscopically and sometimes not.  When you go back to normal activities is highly variable depending on the type of procedure, the protoplasm of the patient and the demands of the job.  You will probably need to use short-term disability.  Only your surgeon understands the variables of your case.  But good luck and I'm sorry this happened to you.  

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I don’t know the recovery time only the surgeon will but I can offer understanding as I am 4 months post SLAP tear repair and I can do most of my job (sub acute rehab) but I can’t yet help the CNAs with repositioning patients or lifting patients but hopefully when I see the surgeon in 6 weeks all restrictions will be lifted.