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getoutnride has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. I have a full tear of a rotator cuff. I have been working through the pain for about 6 months, but it is getting harder to tough through and I am planning to get it repaired in January. I am a floor RN on a med surge tele floor. Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge in how long I will be out of work? Thank you in advance for sharing
  2. getoutnride

    How often should healthcare workers be tested for COVID?

    I work in an acute care hospital on a med surge floor that has been caring for COVID-19 patients since March. We have three hallways with 12 beds in each hall. There are no routine COVID testing of staff. We have our temperature screened when arriving for each shift, and our standard PPE when working with COVID 19 patients is N95 mask, face shield, gown and gloves. Originally we we were all COVID, but as the census got low, the converted two of the hallways back to med surge, and only one hall was COVID. Now with the increase in COVID patients we are mixing COVID and non COVID patients in the same hall. I would appreciate comments from others if this is a common practice in other hospitals and if it sounds responsible.
  3. getoutnride

    Staffing on COVID 19 floor

    My Med Tele floor has been converted to caring only for PUIs and COVID 19 positive patients that are not medically stable enough due to co-morbidity or for other reasons not a candidate to discharge to self isolate at home, but do not require a ventilator. In order to limit the number of people exposed (and preserve PPE) we are now single person care for the patient. In other words I am the patients Nurse. PCT, Lab tech for blood draws, Janitor (take out trash get a mop if there is a spill), Food and Nutrition (deliver and pick up food trays). Our staffing level is 4 patients per nurse with no resource nurse with I believe is heavy considering the number of responsibilities we have and that we have to gear up (gown, level 3 surgical mask, face shield and gloves) for each patient interaction. Our manager seems to think that we should be able to take 5. Conversely I have asked that they consider limiting to 3 patients per nurse or to have 1 1 resource nurse for every 8 patients. without getting deeper in the weeds I would apprecate it if other nurses working on this type of floor would share their staffing levels. I would also be interested in other opinions regarding this staffing level especially considering we are single point of care.
  4. I work on a floor that only houses PUIs and positive COVID 19 patients that are not medically stable to go home, but do not require a ventilator. Some of my fellow nurses believe we should receive hazardous duty pay. I have been in management (previous carrier before nursing) and think that we would look foolish asking for this. I mean why would the hospital pay it with the low census numbers and a tanking economy. One nurse claims she "heard from somebody that somebody told them" they are getting $25.00 extra pay I would be very interested if anyone is getting more pay if so how much. Personally I would like to see more staff on the floor, more on that in my next question
  5. getoutnride

    Is 63 too old to start traveling?

    I made a career change from engineering to nursing. I would like to get into travel nursing beginning in 2021. By that time I will have two years experience on a busy Med Tele floor at a level 1 trauma hospital. I have my ACLS and plan to have med-surg certification prior to applying for a travel position. I am a male (not that that should matter), I am physically fit riding my bicycle over 100 miles each week and getting to the gym a couple of times a week. I want to travel because during my time as a field service engineer and director of technical services in my previous career I traveled extensively and enjoyed it. I also think it would be a great way to check out places that I am considering retiring. I would appreciate comments from experienced travelers if they believe I am tilting at windmills and suggestions on what professional organizations or other certifications I should pursue over the next year to help me land a job.
  6. getoutnride

    UTA AP BSN program Fall 17

    Not sure if this is relevant, but I got an e-mail from my adviser today asking how pharmacology was going, reminding me that if I failed to get a C or better that I would not be eligible to start in the fall even if I took it again during the summer. She said she was specifically asking so that she could pull me off the list if I was not going to pass. This seemed strange since the pharmacology grades are already posted in MyMav, but I replied that I had made a B in the course. Anyway, it "sounds like" they have made the list of accepted students and now are checking it twice. Good luck to all on the wait list.
  7. getoutnride

    UTA AP BSN program Fall 17

    I don't know if this helps, I was accepted and had to send an acceptance of the acceptance message back to them. Today I received an e-mail acknowledging that I had accepted the position. I would guess that now that the deadline to accept the offer has passed, they will start calling people from the wait list.
  8. getoutnride

    UTA AP BSN program Fall 17

    I completed the online UTA course a week ago and medical terminology during the first 8 week period. I found Patho to be both challenging and time consuming, but if you put in the effort all the information is available, I also found the class very interesting which made it easier to put in the time. (I made a very low A, but an A non the less). Medical terminology was a bore and there was not much help other than reading information and answering hundreds of questions on smart book for each chapter. (I made a high B in the course, I simply could not muster the energy to do the work for such a boring class where I felt the professor was mailing it in. I am taking pharm starting in January, my advisor suggested I not try to take Pharm and Patho at the same time. Good luck
  9. getoutnride

    UTA AP BSN program Fall 17

    Once I have the grades from this semester I plan to submit my application for the Fall 2017 start of the AO BSN program at UTA. I have read that this is very competitive. I am willing to share what my application status will be and hope that others will as well so we can all get a feel for where we stand. Overall GPA on prerequisite courses 3.62 Science GPA 3.75 HESI complete, overall score 92 Considerations: 3 of the 4 science taken at UTA More than 39 hours of prerequisite courses taken at URA I will be starting a job at a partnered hospital on December 12, so I I believe that I will have that consideration as well. Please share, and Good luck to us all
  10. getoutnride

    HISTORY 1311

    I took this online with Goodwin. It has been a terrible experience, It felt more like a writing course than a history course I learned more about how to write a thesis statement, organize a paper and proper footnoting than I did about history. I agree with the others that your time and money would be better served at a community college.