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Rosalind CRNA HELP!

by LexiCCRN LexiCCRN (New) New

So I was just wondering if anyone that has been accepted to RF's CRNA program can help me decide what to do here! :) I am a newer nurse. One year on a tele floor, a little over one year in MICU and now starting at a level one trauma center's ICU. I earned my CCRN last month and am working on trying to get my CMC and CSC. I only got a 306 on my GRE :( I do not know if this is good enough for them (over 50th percentile in all but Quant. Got 48th) and my BSN GPA was 4.0 and ADN was about 3.1 I believe. I am freaking out because I want this so bad but I know the competition is fierce! Any suggestions would be BEYOND appreciated. If anyone can let me know what their stats were when they were accepted it would be greatly appreciated :)


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A friend of mine got in with 1 year of ED experience, zero ICU experience, average GRE, and no CCRN - had CEN though. So I think you'll be more than fine if you interview OK.

No WAY! Thank you so much for your insight. You have no clue what it means to me :-)

I'm applying for next year, too! Good luck!

Really? Awesome. Consoling to hear I'm not alone lol. What are your stats like? And do you know anyone who got in?

Really? Awesome. Consoling to hear I'm not alone lol. What are your stats like? And do you know anyone who got in?

No, I don't know anyone who has gotten in. I'm not from the area, though. I will have been in the CVICU for two years by the time of matriculation. I will (hopefully) have CCRN by the time of application, taking it in April. GRE 309, overall GPA 3.75. Taking a Biochem class right now. 16 hours of shadow experience and letters of rec from two of the CRNAs I shadowed. I have experience with swans, IABP, and recovering open hearts, in addition to the usual super sick, multiple gtt ICU patient. I'm not the strongest candidate but I'm confident in my interviewing skills, so we'll see! :)

Also, your GRE isn't bad! I'm not sure who you're comparing yourself to, haha.

I guess I'm looking at gre scores from all majors. Those engineers kill this test LOL and you're SO in :-) that's perfect experience for this profession. You will earn your ccrn. I'm confident you can it wasn't bad at all. I don't have much experience either so that's what worries me. I'm in a biodtatistics course now but that's about it. I'm nothing crazy impressive but I think I'll be okay interviewing too :-) we're on team baby nurse over here but hopefully these icu vets won't kill our shots at it LOL I'm not from around here either. So I'm so grateful that you responded. So nice to vent !

Ps- there are probably eighteen misspelled words in my response. Replying on phone and I'm struggling lol sorry