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RN Versant Program-Austin


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Hey everyone, can you please tell me where to find this online status of "routed" and "received" and all of that. I am asking is because i just faxed all the documents required to Seton Austin and didnt do it online- please assist

njinga413, I noticed online that up until recently you had to apply to Seton online (the hospital in general) as the first step to apply to the Residency program (specifically), but then right before September 20th they changed it to where you are not applying through the hospital's career website anymore, and are only faxing your information directly to the residency program. So I guess for us, the only way to check on the status of our applications is to call the Versant office directly (NOT HR).

Anyone else applying for Behavioral Health specialty??

Hi, txenfermera,

I have some questions about seton residency program for oct cohort. I called to nurse recruiter for residency. She said that we are still interviewing for residency program. however, you said that they are done with that. How did you know about this? I am waiting for a interview call from seton. I haven't heard anything from them. Should I give up this time?:crying2: please, help me. I have also applied in scott and white, but I didn't hear anything from them. Are you selected for seton residency? I live in illinois, so I wouldn't be able to come at open house. Good Luck to you.

Hi BRP RN, I started the Versant residency last week. I imagine that they were done with the hiring because I had received an offer more than two months ago. I would agree with the other post that advices you to come to the open house, when I was applying I was living out of state and also got a plane ticket to come just for that.

Good luck!


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Hi, txenfermera,

I applied for feb,2010 in seton. I also submitted employment application in seton. I am waiting for interview call. I won't be able to attend open house on 2nd nov. 2010 because I need to go to Indiana for fingerprinting that time. I hope I get interview call this time.

give some advice if you want.


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Hi Cbacheld,

Thank you for all the pointers! is there any more feedback you can give as to how you went about talking for the ICU position. I am really interested in the ICU as well. Did managers ask you any sort of interview questions? I am coming from california, so hopefully i can get some valuable contacts. How does it work? do managers just sit and tables and people just flock to them? haha. Sorry i have no clue what to expect. THankyou!

Has anyone heard from Dell Children's for the Seton residency program? I had met with the hiring manager in August who told me they didn't interview until the 2nd week in January for the February cohort but as that date draws near I am starting to worry.

The program is also available


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Hey everyone --

I am graduating my nursing program in May, and my first choice hospital is definitely Seton. I go to school in NJ and live in MD, so I was unable to go to the open house. I did the 1st online application and had 2 of my professors submit the online recommendations. A few days ago I got an e-mail from Debra Rowell about completing another application and answering a questionnaire that was given in the e-mail. I submitted both, and I'm extremely nervous to hear back to see if I have advanced further in the process. Does anyone have any idea as to what my chances are for hearing back from anyone? It's just so hard to stand out in the application process, and I want this job soooo bad. Thank you so much for any advice you can provide!!

bno1buturself have you heard anything yet? I've already had an interview but haven't heard back with the decision.