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Is anyone out there that has taken the RN refresher course from South Dakota University? How long did it take you to complete the course? Pros & Cons? Thank you for your help


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Sorry I'm not able to answer your question, but am wondering the same thing. I'm looking into the online refresher from South Dakota State, is that the one you are talking about? Did you end up enrolling?


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Hello Yes I went to the boards and they gave me a big list of refresher courses, but all of them start on August and this one is the only one that you can start at any time, the only thing is that you have to have clinical arrangements(verbal agreement from the hospital) before you enroll in the course. Currently I am working on getting the arrangement done. But the program seems legit and straight forward.


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any update on this? I also need to enroll in one


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I'm also thinking of enrolling in this course. Can anyone give any update or feedback of their experience?


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Hello guys, I am currently enrolled. Has anyone enrolled yet?


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Enrolled right now. Just got my log in.


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Hi what do you think about the course? I was looking through all the modules, and I feel defeated. Was it easy or hard?

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