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  1. Medstar Refresher Course?

    I haven’t paid South Dakota yet because the director is out of town for the weekend so our communication was cut for awhile. But also when I looked at the modules for south dakota it’s like a 11 with test on each end and it said NCLEX type questions,...
  2. Medstar Refresher Course?

    On your first situation, did they send you an email of all the requirements asking you if you need to do a refresher course? the email is very vague, but it also said that validation of practice within the past 5 years which I have. also I’v...
  3. Medstar Refresher Course?

    I see. Because I’m a foreign educated nurse. So I’m trying to see my chances of not having to do the refresher course. It’s just frustrating that from all of the studying for NCLEX, then having to take a refresher course is just all studying again
  4. Medstar Refresher Course?

    Just wondering are you a US citizen?
  5. RN refresher course clinicals

    So when I click the Nurses tab, this is all I’m directed to… nurses then unanswered. That’s all I see.
  6. RN refresher course clinicals

    It’s still won’t let me add a new topic even with a new browser. I can add a topic to where you reposted my queue, but then that’s the only area I can add a new topic
  7. RN refresher course clinicals

    @rose_queen how can I add a new topic to other areas? I cant find the "add new topic" button on all other areas I can post
  8. Medstar Refresher Course?

    I feel the same way. Just passed the NCLEX and then more exams. I'm moving to AZ from ID, so I'm jumping on board with South Dakota because they offer online class. The only thing is you have to secure your own clinical rotation which is like 80 hour...
  9. RN refresher course from South Dakota University

    Hi what do you think about the course? I was looking through all the modules, and I feel defeated. Was it easy or hard?
  10. RN refresher course clinicals

    Hi I’m a foreign RN and just recently passed my NCLEX but I have to do my refresher course, a theory and clinicals. I will be issued a temporary license so I can do my clinicals, am I going to get paid if I do my clinicals? State is Arizona. Thank yo...