Rn per diem should i say yes


Hello guys. I need an advice regarding my situation right now. I was offered to work as a full time nurse in this rehab nursing home for $27/hr i said yes immediatelt and did my physical exam. Minutes before faxing my physical exam the HR told me that there was a mistake with my job position. They can only offer per diem as of the moment i was so sad and didnt know what to tell them told them i will call them back and think about it. Do u have any advice for me? What is it like working as a per diem nurse? What are the pros and cons. Pls help me

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Did you receive a job offer in writing that said it was full-time? If so I'd fight and tell them thats what you signed up for.

If this is your first job as a nurse I wouldn't take the per diem, you need consistent training and hours as a new nurse to get your rhythm.


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Something about this is not right. Did you respond to an ad in which the position was listed as FT? Was the position listed anywhere in writing as FT? Sounds like a bait and switch possibly. If they lured you in under one offer, and changed the terms in the middle of the deal, is this really a place you want to work? A per diem nurse usually works on an "as needed" basis. The facility usually has requirements such as you must work X amount of shifts per week/month. Generally, your hours are not guaranteed, and you don't get benefits.

Also, per diem pay is higher, in most cases, because of no benefits. If you really need the job you might want to ask about the per diem rate. I'd be pushing HR about the "mistake" with the hours. If you have something in writing, you have all the chips in this game; if not, you'll need to weigh working for such a place that would do this, not having benefits, no guaranteed hours, etc. Worse case scenario, you take the job and use it as a stepping stone to something better and more stable. I wish you all the best in making your decision. Keep us updated.


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If I were in your situation I would take the per diem. Never hurts to get extra cash. Soon you will find another job and you could have this one on the side for extra money. But you must ask for more money. 27/hour is too low for a per diem. Never burn any bridges. You never know what that per diem job could lead to.

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Thank you so much for the help. Im thinking of getting the job since no other nursing homes are calling me. And i badly need a job now. Hopefully the $27/hr is full time rate. Do u have any idea how much NJ PAY for per diem nurses?

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Im really confused about this job lol i called the HR today and the person i talked to isnt there today bec today is saturday. I faxed them my physical exam copy and hopefully i can talk to thE HR person on monday to ask about the rate. What she told me is that my hours can come up to full time hours the only thing they cannot give is the set schedule.