RN to MSN financial aid


Does anybody know if you can enter an RN to MSN program with an ADN and start out using federal grants and loans at the masters level?

I'm in Nursing school right now, and this is my second undergrad major. So by the time I graduate, there will be no federal undergrad funds left for a BSN. If I can just kind of coast under the radar while in an MSN program, that would be awesome. I'm just not confident whether or not that could happen.

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What, exactly, do you mean by "coast under the radar"? Really not sure what your question is.


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From my understanding, a lot of RN to MSN programs are funded at the masters level. I would talk to financial aid.


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You can still take federal loans (but not grants) for a second bachelors degree, such as a BSN. I know because I've done it. Typically you can finance an MSN with graduate loans, which are funded/awarded differently than undergrad. You may be eligible for "free" money for the MSN.