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RN jobs in Pittsburgh area


Hello Everyone! I am originally from Pittsburgh but have never worked as a nurse there. I am an RN with an associates degree. I have been a Registered Nurse for 9 years and I am in an RN-BSN program in NC. I will have my BSN in May 2011. I am thinking of moving back to the Pittsburgh area, how is the job market there for RN's? I have previous hospital and long term care experience but I am looking to get into case management. Thanks for your help!

Keri8680, BSN, RN

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i think it's going to start getting harder to find a job here. several of the local hospitals are downsizing, therefore leaving many nurses to find jobs elsewhere. However, there is a new UPMC hospital opening just east of Pitt in Monroeville in the summer of 2012. So that may help the area with open positions. Keep current on the job postings on the UPMC website, they always have stuff posted.


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Post your resume online. I have less experience than you and didn't have a problem finding a job. There are case management jobs posted online too. My suggestion is find a job first and then locate yourself nearby. One of the first questions I was asked in a recent interview was where I lived. Since Pittsburgh traffic can be difficult, they wanted to make sure I was going to be timely and reliable.

ghillbert, MSN, NP

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I still see jobs going all the time.

Even with West Penn downsizing dramatically and so many of those nurses flooding the job market, UPMC is hiring nurses all the time. Passavant just underwent a huge hiring period. McKeesport has lots of positions listed. UPMC East will be hiring to staff an entire new hospital. UPMC is plowing money into Mercy, Passavant, UPMC East, Childrens.

You can always find a nursing job in or around Pittsburgh!


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I've literally applied to every UPMC job posting since February 2010, and I have never gotten any responses from them... is this because I am a new grad? (June 2010) I know plenty of the people I graduated with got jobs before graduation and within 2 months afterwards... I just don't know where all the jobs went!! I live much closer to St. Clair, which I would LOVE to work at, but they have even fewer job listings and it's much harder to get a job there versus UPMC!

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Plenty of LTCs in the area you might be able to work at while still looking. Even at part time you can make some money and get some experience.

Thanks for all of your responses! I am going to start looking online.


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I actually just finished working at a LTC facility- found it to be an experience but also NOT what I want to do with my career, I'm just dying to get into a hospital and I'm so frustrated! Thank you though for the suggestion!


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Working in LTC I've heard is enough to age someone 10 years in just a year. lol.. I couldn't even imagine having 20+ patients. But if you can work LTC for a year and survive you would probably be a good candidate for a hospital recruiter. going to job fairs is the best way to get a hospital job. They interview on the spot.