RN Gold CD (Nclex 6000)


I would just like to inform everyone of one of the 2 Cd's I have been using to practice for the Nclex. It is called RN gold (nclex6000)it has a 99% passing rate for people who use it for the Nclex. It is very detailed, you get an explanation for each answer, wrong or right, I love it. I am also using saunders which is a great CD as well. What I like about RN Gold is that it gives you individual explanation of each answer. We all know most of these Nclex CD's tell you the reason why the answer is wrong or right in one paragraph together, not this CD. It allows you to click on answer 2 for example and gives you the explanation for that paticular answer. And also you know how we all say to do at least 100 questions each day well this disk has 100 questions each category. It has 10 integrated exams I think 5 med surg, 1 peds, 1 mental health, so on and so forth. It also contains 2 parts for each category, the assesment part which shows you how prepared you are in this area for the nclex and the practice part so you can recieve immediate feedback of right and wrong answers. It is a really good CD. I don't know where they sell it though, it was a gift. But I think it is a good investment. Has anyone here tried it?


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please try to find out where the people that gave you the RN gold and let us all in on where to buy it please....thanks


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I my school use this since the winter term. medspub.com

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