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I found online this position, and they hire new grad. I called and they said they paid $25/hr. Anyone know this position? Can anyone explain me more about this RN position? Thanks

So this is NOT a clinical position. Basically, you will be learning the Epic charting system software to a tee, then acting as the go to person when the seasoned nurses need help, since it is a huge change for them. It pays $25/hour + a little more for nights and weekends. You will not be assigned patients.

I had a telephone interview and was offered the job several days later. I am seriously considering this. I am not excited about being placed away from the bedside, but the lady who interviewed me said it often and most likely will lead to a new grad position in the hospital. We shall see... I gotta decide fast becuz they want me to start by Sept. 11!

I got a different message from the woman who interviewed me. I was told the first month would consist of training in the EPIC system, & then after that 1/3 of the time would be spent training/being a go-to for hospital employees learning the system, & the other 2/3 would be spent floating to the clinical units so that after the system implementation is done (by next summer) we would be able to find a unit that is our home & then apply for positions there. It's a mix basically. I just accepted an offer yesterday & I start Sept. 11 as well! Cheers.


Congrats on the offer! I'm a little frustrated though because I've been trying to contact the HR rep to have her answer a few of my questions and fill out an intent to work form for a loan I would need to take out... and no response for 3 days. I feel like I'm harrassing her but kind of need the support before I take out a loan and drive across the country (from California) in just a few days. Have they been in contact with you? Or was it just that original email with the job offer? I'm kind of freaking out because I don't want to let the oppurtunity pass but feel in the dark. :(

Well I responded to the email to accept the offer & had a couple of questions, & she emailed me right back. We had a few back & forth emails Tuesday (the day I got the offer) & scheduled my pre-employment physical/HR appointment for next Wednesday. I was told I'd be getting an email later this week explaining where I need to go & etc. So that's the communication I've had with them. Have you tried calling? They get a million emails so maybe that would be your best bet. I would call today before 5 if you can cause they'll want to do your physical/HR appt. next week...good luck!

I left her 3 voicemails and sent two emails. Finally I contacted her supervisor and finally she responded with an email. She told me that the sept 11 orientation was full and she would let me know when the next one would be. I hope I didnt **** her off with my harassment and make her kick me out of the orientation! We'll see. SHe didn't mention anything about a physical. Guess I'll just wait and see... Thanks for the info.

Nah I doubt you ****** her off- the orientation likely is full. You won't hear anything about a physical until you accept the offer. Good luck with whatever you decide!

is anyone currently working at an EPIC suuper user? Do you like your current position? has it helped you get into a clinical RN role at INOVA? I am in contact with a recruiter right now about this position but want to know insight from those of you who are working as a super user now.

Thanks so much!

@bbbb3201...I was contacted today by a lady I am assuming from HR by email about the position and have an interview set up for this coming Wednesday....just curious if you have heard any additional information from the recruiter for which you are talking with...

I am interviewing Wednesday too at 1 pm. And I haven't heard much more information.. Just want to know whether or not you are guaranteed a bedside position eventually. I didn't go to nursing school to start off doing administrative work!

it is a way to get your foot in the door somewhere though...

What was the interview process like? Did they ask clinical questions?

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