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Rn to case manager

I am a new nurse with one year expedition med-surg. I also have a MBA in healthcare admin. I am interested in case management, does anyone know how many years clinical experience is needed for this? Or does anyone have other suggestions regarding my MBA? Is it even valuable to me as a nurse? My nursing degree is an AS.

DizzyJ DHSc PA-C

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Your MBA is certainly valuable as a nurse if you are interested in admin work. Even with an MBA I can see some settings probably wanting you to also advance your AS degree to BSN (even though it will make no real difference in your ability to manage).

I've worked with many RN case managers, but am unaware of what route they took to get there.


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In general, you don't need a specific # of years-- it depends on the position. Start applying to CM positions. There are lots-- outpatient, inpatient, insurance co, health coach

SummerGarden, ADN, BSN, MSN, RN

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You do not need an MBA to be a Case Manager. On the other hand, having an MBA in nursing can help when trying to move up the food chain. Also, when working in case management, people (other providers and sometimes patients) tend to listen to you more when it comes to explaining insurance reimbursements etc. because of your MBA. With that said, the primary way to break into case management is to at least have 2 years of clinical work bedside work experience and to convince your current or former employer to train you to do the job. If you want to break into the insurance world, there are recruiters of various companies that may be interested in you too.


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