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  1. DizzyJ DHSc PA-C

    The economics of PA vs. NP

    PAs have independent practice in North Dakota and fairly close to it in Michigan (no supervision/delegation by a physician, defined as independent prescribers, require a participating physician agreement).....more to come over the next 1-2 years. A couple states eliminated supervision requirements, temporarily, for COVID. "developed to be an NP counter"??? What is an NP counter?
  2. DizzyJ DHSc PA-C

    Question on prescribing controlled substances in California

    If it is the same place....I worked there for 1 1/2 years when we had just one office....I have many stories. In regard to refill on schedule II....it was a practice policy that we must see monthly and not a state law.
  3. DizzyJ DHSc PA-C

    Question on prescribing controlled substances in California

    This sounds very familiar to me. . . like I have lived this very same practice. If you don't mind me asking...where do you work? I'm in Ohio now, but spent some time in outpatient psych in Sacramento.
  4. DizzyJ DHSc PA-C


    If you want to do minute clinic, then you would need FNP. They see kids 18months and older. If you want to do IM, then AGNP would be fine.
  5. DizzyJ DHSc PA-C

    Pulmonary NP

    I would be sure to do pulm rotation. More then one would be good. Hopefully, mingle with the right pulm office and get a job offer.
  6. DizzyJ DHSc PA-C

    Pulmonary NP

    You can do pulm without an acute care NP. You could have issue doing inpatient rounding only if the hospital has a restriction that inpatient NPs must be acute care trained.
  7. DizzyJ DHSc PA-C

    PMHNP student - Meds vs Therapy

    When I worked outpatient psych I did med management only. The other PA and NP did the same. We had therapists (LMFT, LCSW, and LPC) and recommended to all patients to see one of them.
  8. DizzyJ DHSc PA-C

    New FNP Questions

    Wow...PA looking in from outside perspective, but how can someone become an NP without a clue about any of this? Yes, some states are confusing when applying for a license, but to become an NP without any knowledge you must still maintain your RN license?!? And I believe the nursing profession refers to maintaining CEs/CEUs and not CMEs.
  9. DizzyJ DHSc PA-C

    Is being an FNP worth it?

    Most providers don't graduate feeling competent practicing. Competence is developed after time in practice. Have you done any clinicals yet?
  10. DizzyJ DHSc PA-C

    Is this the correct way to list credentials?

    When I was a student, I signed my notes PA-S I or II, meaning first year or second year. We had to identify who we were. Now-a-days if using EMR it will already be reflected in your electronic signature you are a student. Agree with aok7, about listing credentials. Once your an NP, it is a given you are an RN and have a BSN, MSN.
  11. DizzyJ DHSc PA-C

    Hired as a PNP, forced to work as an RN

    Doubtful a company has a procedure manual stating NPs can't do work that is beneath them. They can have you empty the trash and mop the floor if they wanted. They could have just laid you off, but instead kept you on. Being that you already work at this urgent care, what is the argument about not being trained? I worked in many urgent cares and wouldn't need any formal training to pick up nursing duties in a place I already work. Agree that if they are short, then both NPs and Physicians should pitch in with nursing/MA duties. Being that your an NP, and by default an RN, then nursing duties fall under your scope of practice. Your state organization can't do anything about it. The liability issue mentioned...does anyone have a case in which an NP working as an RN got sued because s/he didn't do something that they would of as an NP, but didn't because they were working as an RN. I'm just trying to figure that out. If you're working as an RN you don't have privileges to perform NP duties right? I am trained to do things from working in prior specialties that I am not allowed to do now because I'm not credentialed to do so.
  12. DizzyJ DHSc PA-C

    Where can acute care pediatric nps practice

    **not an NP, but my thoughts** Yes, you can keep your current job. Yes, PNP-AC should manage inpatient peds/ER, but you are also an FNP. So, you will have training for both inpatient and outpatient. I would guess that the program recommended AC because it will provide you with more new knowledge then PC. One would think the PC program would be knowledge you covered in your FNP program. .
  13. DizzyJ DHSc PA-C

    NP license renewal

    UpToDate is actually category I for PAs NPs can use them as well per their website American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) UpToDate is approved as a provider of nurse practitioner continuing education by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners: AANP Provider Number: 051212. This activity was planned in accordance with AANP Accreditation Standards and Policies. For each hour of participation with the program, NPs can claim 1.0 contact hour. UpToDate automatically tracks the time you spend using the service.
  14. DizzyJ DHSc PA-C

    The economics of PA vs. NP

    Obviously, you have no understanding of the PA profession and no literature to support your outrageous statement. Endangering patients?!?! A provider who does 500 hours of clinicals, they scheduled on their own, is endangering patients.
  15. DizzyJ DHSc PA-C

    The economics of PA vs. NP

    Many think it makes a very strong argument. Clearly providers can be made independent with less training then a PA. What many don’t realize is that a lot of PAs already practice independently in reality. Having a doc say they looked at 10 charts a year (varies by state) isn’t exactly supervision.
  16. DizzyJ DHSc PA-C

    BSN to DNP-FNP Writing Sample -need help editing

    IMO, having never been a professor, the OP likely doesn't expect strangers to read it. They are posting it in hopes that someone with might volunteer their down-time to read and provide feedback. I've seen many forums with sections for posting personal statements for this very reason. It was very audacious for you to ask they shorten their writing sample because you don't have the time or desire to read it..... On a side note...I didn't read it either because it seems a little lengthy.