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  1. Texas FNP role

    What does the job description say?
  2. Psychiatric NP

    It was Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology. Excellent resource!!
  3. The economics of PA vs. NP

    PAs have independent practice in North Dakota and fairly close to it in Michigan (no supervision/delegation by a physician, defined as independent prescribers, require a participating physician agreement).....more to come over the next 1-2 years. A ...
  4. Question on prescribing controlled substances in California

    The scripts are e-prescribed and I don't believe you can send them ahead of time like that. What I ended up doing was having patients email be directly asking for a refill for ADHD meds and I would give them an off month from coming into the office....
  5. Question on prescribing controlled substances in California

    If it is the same place....I worked there for 1 1/2 years when we had just one office....I have many stories. In regard to refill on schedule II....it was a practice policy that we must see monthly and not a state law.
  6. Question on prescribing controlled substances in California

    This sounds very familiar to me. . . like I have lived this very same practice. If you don't mind me asking...where do you work? I'm in Ohio now, but spent some time in outpatient psych in Sacramento.

    If you want to do minute clinic, then you would need FNP. They see kids 18months and older. If you want to do IM, then AGNP would be fine.
  8. Anyone Using 'Doctor' Title at Work?

    CRNAs have a January 2022 requirement for doctorate degree
  9. Pulmonary NP

    I would be sure to do pulm rotation. More then one would be good. Hopefully, mingle with the right pulm office and get a job offer.
  10. Pulmonary NP

    You can do pulm without an acute care NP. You could have issue doing inpatient rounding only if the hospital has a restriction that inpatient NPs must be acute care trained.
  11. PMHNP student - Meds vs Therapy

    When I worked outpatient psych I did med management only. The other PA and NP did the same. We had therapists (LMFT, LCSW, and LPC) and recommended to all patients to see one of them.
  12. Psych NPs Patient Schedules - Is this the norm?

    When I did outpatient psych I worked 9-6. 3 pph 9-10, 4pph 10-12, 3 pph 12-1. Lunch 1-2. 4pph 2-5, 3 pph 5-6. A new patient would take 2 slots during an hour I was seeing 3 pph. When I joined the practice the patients were already used to the pr...
  13. Managing Ancillary Staff

    I would sit her down with the office manager and tell her directly that her ordering tests without your direct order to do so can be considered practicing medicine/nursing without a license and this ends now.
  14. New FNP Questions

    Wow...PA looking in from outside perspective, but how can someone become an NP without a clue about any of this? Yes, some states are confusing when applying for a license, but to become an NP without any knowledge you must still maintain your RN lic...
  15. Is being an FNP worth it?

    Most providers don't graduate feeling competent practicing. Competence is developed after time in practice. Have you done any clinicals yet?