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RN to BSN at UL at Layfayette

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Hi fellow nurses, I have just joined allnurses. I am looking for advice on a RN to BSN program. I have been searching for months. I actually thought I would go to IWU but I'm shying away due to the cost. I have been looking at UL at Layfayette, but the statistics course has me concerned. I have not taken math since high school. I will also have to take their history course, has anyone taken this course and how much time did it require? Can anyone tell me more about this program and also if they have taken the math courses were they difficult to do? I have hesitated due to cost, Layfayette seems to be affordable. Thanks for any advice anyone can give me. RN94

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There's a handful of threads floating around which seemed mostly positive about the program although apparently there are different degree plans that range from I think a year to 18 months but you could ask them to try to condense it.

I wanted to do it but they wanted me to have my RN license before I could even apply so I went with Ohio University since I wanted to have an idea of what it would be like asap. Even though I started OU two months after I was licensed by choice.

I would also talk to them and see if you could do a math class in person at a local community college and if they would accept it.

I think they do require you to have graduated from an NLNAC or ACEN accredited associate program so I would check into that before applying. They're quick with replying to emails.


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Hi cburton,

I am currently in my last class for my RN-BSN at ULL. I enjoyed attending the programs nursing classes and it was very doable with me working a full time 40hour job. I took the statistics course and it was really hard tho. At that time it was offered in only a 7week term, now it is offered in either a 7 or 14week term. Witch I feel if I would have gotten the opportunity to take the 14week course I would have done so much better than I did. I recommend ULL!!:yes:

Hi Nursecrystarn, First of all congratulations your in your last class! Thanks so much for responding to my post. I'm pretty sure at this point I want to go to ULL. I do dread the statistic. Did you do statistics with another class? Part of me just wants to try and complete it in 7 weeks but I don't know. Did you have to take any other prerequisites? And if so how we're they?

I'm getting excited to start but nervous. Thanks again. Cburton21

Yes I had to take 6 prerequisite courses altogether. All the other prereqs were ok. I had no problem with any of them. It was only the stats course I that gave m3 a run for my money. The 7 week course was very intense and it took a lot of time. I did take it with another prereq class but that class was actually the easiest prereq class I had to take and still ended up with a C in the course.

I took the statistics class through a community college since it was way cheaper. I had 3 pre reqs to finish along with the nursing classes and I have taken all the pre reqs through a community college.

I'm glad to here that you made it through stats! Did you do algebra as well? If so how was it. Did you also have to do Proctor U where they watch it. I think that is going to make me so nervous! I almost would rather go to a testing center.


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