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Trying to decide if it's worth going back to get my BSN after 17 years and if so which program to choose? Considering UNCW vs. ECU vs. App State? Most hospitals now require BSN but I've been a nurse so long, am CMSRN certified and don't really have any aspirations to go into management or teaching so wondering if expense is worth the extra initial?

Any info on the three names schools would be appreciated!


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I think UNCW is something like $5k for the whole thing, and completely online if you have all the necessary prerequisites out of the way.

I'm doing mine at UNCW. I like it because it's all online and I will be finished in just over 12 months. The only thing to know about UNCW is that they do require you to take a foreign language, so I'm taking Spanish online right now, all crammed into 7.5 weeks, which is not going all that well lol but so far no big complaints, I've liked the classes I've taken so far. If you have any specific questions let me know!

would you recommend taking nur 316 and health assessment in the same semester? also, i need a nursing elective and was thinking about taking either intro to literature or maybe transcultural health care? I don't want to pick a class that is hard and doesn't help my GPA out since it is an elective class. There's also foundations to global health, explorations to public health, intro to econ, and intro to theatre. Any suggestions? :)

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I took one semester at ECU and did not like it, but to be fair, they were in transition. I did mine at UNCW and loved it. My hosp reimbursed some and it is not expensive to begin with.

Have you looked at WCU? I went through their program years ago when it was B&M, and it was good program. The BSN completion program is now all online, and v. reasonably priced for NC residents. Best wishes!

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My issue with WCU is that I was coming in with a previous BS and they wanted me to take, like 8-12 electives so that I could fulfill and 48 hour degree. I had, at that time, over 150 undergraduate hours. I did not need any electives. With UNCW, I was able to take their minimum, which was 31 hours.

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