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  1. rdugirl

    Disappointing Travel Pay

    Yikes, that is really low just based on what I make now as staff nurse in NC. I am also looking at California, but regardless of where I go I want to make at least what my weekly gross pay is now. Yes, traveling isn't just about money but you still want to be compensated fairly! Good luck!
  2. rdugirl

    Preparing for travel in CA

    I am talking to Trinty about their fast track CA license. How fast did you get yours with AMN? Care to share your recruiters? Thanks!
  3. rdugirl

    What agencies do you all travel with?

    Have you done a contract with Trinity? In the process of signing up with them now to get fast track CA license
  4. rdugirl

    Best travel nurse agencies

    Is the agencies fixed compensation per traveler something the traveler can be privy to?
  5. rdugirl

    St. Augustine

    Considering a move to St. Augustine beach. Any info on downtown area, hospitals, pay appreciated. 19 yrs experience, CMSRN/tele as well as SDS and HH. Thanks!
  6. rdugirl

    Cehealthcareers job events

    Has anyone worked with this company? They contacted me regarding hiring events in Seattle and Montana. They will pay airfare and hotel, you tour hospital and speak with hiring managers. They claim generous sign on and relocation? Sounds to good to be true, lol. Hospitals are Swedish Health in Seattle and Billings Clinic? Any info appreciated on hospitals and/or company!
  7. rdugirl

    Transitioning from HH to hospice

    RN with 19 yrs experience, CMSRN currently working I the home health field in NC. I am very interested in transitioning to hospice with goal of obtaining holistic nurse certification. Any information on hospice nursing/holistic nursing appreciated!
  8. rdugirl

    Where are all of the holistic nurses?

    I have just started working with essential oils and would love to hear more about any classes, certifications & jobs as holistic nurse!
  9. rdugirl

    New Hanover Regional Medical Center

    Also interested. In pay rates for experienced nurses. I have 19 yrs experience, CMSRN,have worked everything except ICU, currently at Rex in the home Health dept. looking to move to the coast. Wilmington, Beaufort, Moorehead city.
  10. rdugirl


    Trying to decide if it's worth going back to get my BSN after 17 years and if so which program to choose? Considering UNCW vs. ECU vs. App State? Most hospitals now require BSN but I've been a nurse so long, am CMSRN certified and don't really have any aspirations to go into management or teaching so wondering if expense is worth the extra initial? Any info on the three names schools would be appreciated! Thanks!
  11. I have been a nurse for 17 years and am finally deciding to go back for my BSN and possibly NP. I graduated from a great diploma program and am CMSRN certified. I am considering the above programs and would love any feedback from those who may be attending or have attended. They all seem pretty similar with UNCW having the most flexible start times during the year vs. only a spring/fall start at the others. UNCW requires a language and told me that they may give me credit for the Latin I took in HS, although I find this highly unlikely. Price seems comparable for all three. Thanks!