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Well I just graduated school back in June, love my job in the ER, and am set to go back to school for the BSN program on Jan 5th. it's one night a week, i'll be working full time. I picked up my books yesterday, 5 books, lots about theory and stuff. I'm excited!!! Anyone else starting RN to BSN in January?

happy holidays!

xo Jen

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Not me but wanted to wish you good luck!

I'll be doing the RN-BSN program as well after I graduate-keeo us all posted on how it goes because I know I will be interested in your thoughts, etc



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Best of luck to you Jen! Let us know how its going from time to time! Merry Christmas too!



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all the best to you.


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How very cool. Just curious, how long will your program take, and will your schedule be one night/wk throughout?

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Congrats - you won't regret the time and effort. I'm doing a combined BSN/MSN with University of Phoenix online and love it. I've been a nurse for 12 years and am anticipating graduation. Take care.

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