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Hi all.....I am wanting to go back to school to obtain my BSN. I currently have my ADN. I have been looking online at several different programs....mainly , Aspen Univeristy, and grand canyon university. I am looking for any and all feedback on these programs or any other programs you may suggest. Thanks.

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You might want to look into the online RN-to-BSN degree program offered through the virtual college at Fort Hays State University. At $182 per credit, it is far more affordable than the programs you've mentioned. Good luck to you.

Thank you....I will look into Fort Hays State university. I had not heard of that program until you mentioned it. Thanks again for your suggestion

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Really look into the classes you will be required to take to graduate. When I looked around I found that GCU made more sense to me because other programs required me to take many, many more classes. I would be required to take art appreciation, music appreciation, and chemistry to name a few. One program near me also required me to take a couple meaningless classes like semester survival or something like it. The cheaper credit hour means nothing if you have to take a large amount of extra classes.

Just my 2 cents, not like it means anything.


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I am in the same boat...looking for the RN-BSN on-line program that is the best package (time and money).

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Just make sure that you choose a program with both regional and national accreditation.