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  1. SCcountrygirlRN

    Uta RN to bsn

    I have one general Ed class left to take before starting my nursing classes....literature... I was hoping for American lit but it is not offered online during the summer....any recommendations on world lit or British lit online at Uta?
  2. SCcountrygirlRN

    History 1312 UT Arlington

    Would anyone be willing to email me a copy of the syllabus so I can try to get a head start on the reading for history 1312?
  3. SCcountrygirlRN

    History 1312 UT Arlington

    I just finished history 1311 and am starting history 1312 in January. Do they use the same book for both classes? Any advice with history 1312?
  4. SCcountrygirlRN

    History 1311

    N goodwin how was hist 1311 for you? Was it a complete nightmare like everyone says?
  5. SCcountrygirlRN

    History 1311

    Hey all! Does anyone happen to have history 1311 syllabus that they could share? I will be starting this in a few weeks and trying to prepare myself and see what the assignments are. Thanks!
  6. SCcountrygirlRN

    UTA Online BSN questions

    Heidi- I am enrolled to take history 1 next,I am a little nervous from reading over posts on here. Was wondering if you could tell me what to expect? I'm taking it alone because of all the horror stories I've heard! Congrats on completing the program! December will be here before you know it! I have history 1 & 2, art, technical writing and literature left to take prior to starting my nursing classes. I've already completed govt 1 & 2, stats, English and medical term. I'm just ready for it all to be over! Lol. Will be so worth it in the end!
  7. SCcountrygirlRN

    Texas Government Pols 1312

    For anyone who as previously taken Pols 1312, Texas Government thru UTA, would anyone be willing to let me read their paper regarding campaigning a candidate for the gubernatorial race? I am having a difficult time getting started and would like to read someone else's to help guide me. powell529@att.net Thanks so much!
  8. I currently have the following general ed classes left to take: Hist 1311 Hist 1312 POLS 2312 ART 1301 ENGL 2338 (technical writing) Any Literature I would like to complete my general ed courses prior to starting the nursing classes. I have completed Stats, Pols 2311, Med term, and engl 1302 at UTA so far. Are there any classes above that you would recommend doubling up on or taking alone? Any advice would be helpful. I have been taking 1 class at at time until this last semester where I took engl and med term together. It was very doable. I work full time 40hrs/week, married but no kids. Thanks.
  9. SCcountrygirlRN

    Just Finished RN-BSN Program

    Most of the general ed courses are 8 weeks with the exception of English 2338 (technical writing) it is a 5 week course
  10. SCcountrygirlRN

    Math 1308 at UTA

    I just finished it in March.....it was a very difficult and time consuming class...it math is not one of your strengths I would highly recommend taking at a community college...if you take it at uta..I would not take it with any other classes...
  11. SCcountrygirlRN

    Stats and (new) Research

    I took stats as my first class at UTA in January....the proctored exams are available from Tuesday to Saturday, If you don't schedule 72 hours prior to the date you want to take the exam you have to pay a little extra. This was a very tough class for me and math is one of my stronger subjects! I started off taking it with another class and ended up having to drop the second class...cause it was just too much. I highly recommend taking STATs alone if you choose to take it at UTA. Hope this helps.
  12. SCcountrygirlRN

    UTA FALL 2015...Which general ed classes can be taken together?

    Ok thanks...just wanted your opinion...I know previously you had said you took English 1302 with Math 1308 and that was where you lost your sanity...I'm assuming that was because of the STATS class and not the english. STATs almost made me loose my mind...LOL Is ART 1301 mostly essays and writing assignments too?
  13. SCcountrygirlRN

    UTA FALL 2015...Which general ed classes can be taken together?

    What is your opinion of Engl 1302? I am thinking of taking that next, what do you think about taking it with ART 1301? Is that doable?
  14. SCcountrygirlRN

    UTA RN to BSN 1 Class at a time

    How was art appreciation? I'm thinking about taking that for my next class after Pols 2311. I just finished my first class....STATISTICS! So Thankful that is over...That is the class I dreaded the most!
  15. SCcountrygirlRN

    UTA RN to BSN 1 Class at a time

    What class are you currently taking?
  16. SCcountrygirlRN

    RN-BSN perspective

    Congratulations! I just started the program. Thanks for you positive perspective on the program. I am also taking one class at a time. Again congratulations to only having 3 classes left. Did you take your general ed classes through UTA as well?