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RN to BSN in 6 months


Hi has anyone completed the RSN to BSN in 6 months, I suppose to start in December, I have 33 credits to complete is it even possibe for me to finshed them in 6 months, just wondering if anyone have any advice on what would be the best stragedy to complete them.

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Yes, quite a few folks have. Maybe try a quick search of the website... Congrats

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Yes very possible and routinely done :-)

Have anyone did this if so, please help me to priotize course load

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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Have anyone did this if so, please help me to priotize course load
If you want to complete the BSN in 6 months, C228 (Community Health and Population Based Nursing) will need to be one of the first courses that you complete. It is a prerequisite to C229 (Community Health Field Based Experience).

It depends on how much you have going on outside of school. I work full-time (40 hrs.), have 4 children & coach numerous sports. Life is busy. However, without putting myself over the edge, I have pounded out 14 credits with minimal effort. Don't get me wrong. The classes can be challenging, but they are well worth it. I love WGU. If you are committed, you could do it.

I have a friend that has done it in 9 months. and she has a house and 1 child. so it is possible

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I did mine in less than 3 months, BUT I was working FT nights as a PD RN for a fairly stable toddler, which means I was able to complete all of my coursework on the clock, except for the public health "clinical" portion. Hehe, I have fond memories of making play-do molecules on the floor in my kiddo's room for my biochemistry class.

My advice is- look at the assessments before you start any classwork. All classwork is optional (NOT part of your grade) and meant to give you the knowledge you need to pass the assessment. Pick a final project that you can do at your place of work or somewhere convenient in your community, and PLAN AHEAD- that part of the program can be a huge time suck if you aren't careful.

ETA- I got my MSN at WGU too. I defended my capstone during my lunch break while I was working as a school nurse- I was so excited when I finished that I announced it over the loudspeaker, hahahaha!

When you say "defended my capstone"... was this an online interview? Can you discuss that briefly?