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I am looking to start my RN to BSN at Aspen University. They appear to only be nationally accredited and not regionally. If I choose to complete their online RN to BSN program, I am concerned that because they are not regionally accredited, I will have as difficult a time getting a job as if I only had my diploma in nursing.

Can any one assist on information regarding difficulty in getting a job following an RN to BSN program that is not regionally accredited. Does it actually make a difference since it is accredited by the CCNE?

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CCNE and ACEN accreditations are typically the ones that matter most in nursing. If your school has CCNE accreditation, you should be fine.


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Thank you! I am doing more research and thats what it appears. I just asked a friend who worked in HR at a magnet hospital and seeing what she says. Thanks again

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You'll probably be OK getting a job. However, you might have a problem later if you want to go to graduate school if your BSN program was from a school that didn't have the highest academic accreditation.


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It is accredited by the CCNE which is a national accrediting agency. I reviewed a handful and a bunch of the online RN to BSN programs are accreited only by the CCNE and not a regional agency which is giving me a bit more confidence. I am not sure if you know anything further but thanks for the response.

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It is national accreditation you seek

Personally, I would only go to a school that is regionally and programmatically (ACEN or CCNE ) accredited. If I ever wanted to further my education, I know that my credits will transfer because I went to a REGIONALLY (not nationally) accredited school.

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I would only go to a regionally accredited school. Most of the online programs DO have regional accreditation (not Aspen, tho). I had a govt job that would only accept RA schools. CCNE is nice and also necessary but RA is the gold standard for schools. Do your homework, there are plenty of low cost RN to BSN schools that have both CCNE and RA.


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That is not true by far! Do your research! It is Regional accreditation that you seek. I learned the HARD way!!!!