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  1. OliverElio87

    WGU Prelicensure BSN program?

    Competitiveness varies depending on the state you’re applying for
  2. OliverElio87

    Master's Entry vs. Accelerated Bachelor's

    If the cost is not much more, I would do the masters. If it is significantly more then ABSN.
  3. OliverElio87

    Is there something wrong with me? Too much studying?

    Every person it different. If it is working for you AND your girlfriend, why change it?
  4. Which units were interviewing?
  5. OliverElio87

    How does your unit handle admissions?

  6. OliverElio87

    Failed for the fifth time

    Uworld. Only thing I used. Make sure you get the practice exams.
  7. Cedars Sinai in SoCal: Oct 2019 Cohort Apply in early Aug. Interview event in Sept. License needed before Oct. 18, 2019 New Grads - Cedars-Sinai
  8. OliverElio87

    WGU So Cal August Cohort

    Give up on WGU I understand. Please don't give up on being a nurse, there are plenty of schools out there!
  9. OliverElio87

    WGU So Cal August Cohort

    Oh no, im so sorry. Seems like the CA cohorts for WGU are getting smaller. When is the next one after the Oct? Are there other schools that you are looking at?
  10. Congrats! The lady should have just said "sign your passport and goodluck". This could have been a non-issue. Either way, I think it worked out for the best because I would have been to worked up to take that exam after going through all that with the lady.
  11. OliverElio87

    WGU So Cal August Cohort

    Did you ever hear back?
  12. OliverElio87

    April 2018 California Cohort

    Well if WGU's regional accreditation is the problem then that CRNA program should also not accept students from University of Washington, University of Utah, BYU, etc since they are also accredited by the same regional accrediting body's and not by WASC. I HIGHLY DOUBT that they do not accept students from those universities. The kaiser link you gave specifically states "3.2 GPA" as a minimum requirement whichautomatically disqualifies WGU students since a pass at WGU is a 3.0 equivalent.
  13. OliverElio87

    April 2018 California Cohort

    I don't think it's the regional accreditation, but most likely the grading system. CRNA school is competitive as it is already and the untraditional grading system (3.0) wouldn't event be competitive enough for it anyways. I graduated from the WGU prelicensure BSN program and i have friends who ask me they'd like to apply to the program that I did and I always ask them if they plan on doing advance practice nursing (np, crna) and if they do I always tell them to find a different program. I don't plan on doing any of those things, but I do plan on getting my msn but not in those areas. However, if you just want to do bedside then it's a good program. I could not have been a nurse without the untraditional format similar since I worked full-time.
  14. OliverElio87

    LVN adanced placement California

    LVN's would go through the entire program just like everyone else. You can't skip anything, but you'll probably get a leg up during clinicals.
  15. OliverElio87

    April 2018 California Cohort

    For what it's worth, wasc = regional accreditation, WGU has regional accreditation. It's not by wasc because the main campus (Utah) is not in the region that wasc accredits. All regional accrediting bodies are equal. https://www.elearners.com/sites/all/files/public/images/CHEAchartsmallest_lightbox(1).jpg