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  1. OliverElio87

    Moving California. Insight on pay scale etc?

    For what it’s worth, I make $50 (southern ca) an hour day shift. Night dif is $7 and weekend dif is $4. I am a fairly new nurse. I used to work in the Midwest and people here are forgetting about he nurse to patient ratio. I will never work med-surge anywhere else but Ca because I know working in tele I will never have more than 4 patients. I saw nurses in the Midwest get 6-7 patients and having primaries.
  2. OliverElio87

    Being Gay and a Male Nursing Student

    Being gay helped me so much during nursing school in my OB rotation and now as an RN when dealing with some female patients. I remember when my preceptor and I would go into some female patients room and she would introduce me I could see some of them look uncomfortable in having a male individual there. I usually do not like to talk about my personal life unless asked, but when I see a female patient seem uncomfortable about having a male student/RN I would bring up some random conversation that would basically imply/give them a big hint that i'm gay. For example, I had a pt that was allergic to cipro and I asked her "so I see you allergic to cipro, my boyfriend is allergic to cipro also he gets an awful rash". Once all that was out in the open you can feel them being more relaxed. So for me being gay has been more positive and it has been a lot easier to get along with female co-workers and patients.
  3. OliverElio87

    WGU Prelicensure BSN program?

    Competitiveness varies depending on the state you’re applying for
  4. OliverElio87

    Master's Entry vs. Accelerated Bachelor's

    If the cost is not much more, I would do the masters. If it is significantly more then ABSN.
  5. OliverElio87

    Pre nursing student has a question for current RNs

    Seems like you’d be better off going to PA/Medical school or NP (but thatll take you longer than PA. My husband is an MD and went into the field because he loved science and putting pieces together from the micro level -up. He always tells me how us nurses put up with so much and really empathizes with nurses doing so much with so little resources. Needless to say nurses love him... he changes patient diapers when he sees nurses are swamped lol.
  6. OliverElio87

    Need some guidance

    I don’t know about other states, but I think I’m Ca you can challenge for LPN licensure since you’re a medic in the military. I would look into it.
  7. For those who didn't get a call, don't lose hope! I didn't get a call the first day they started notifying people, but I did the next day. Since they started Friday and HR is off on weekends they'll most likely resume Monday. I heard Feb might be a big cohort like Oct so I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't get through to everyone. Mine was fairly small. So don't lose hope!
  8. OliverElio87

    Is there something wrong with me? Too much studying?

    Every person it different. If it is working for you AND your girlfriend, why change it?
  9. Which units were interviewing?
  10. OliverElio87

    How does your unit handle admissions?

  11. OliverElio87

    Failed for the fifth time

    Uworld. Only thing I used. Make sure you get the practice exams.
  12. Cedars Sinai in SoCal: Oct 2019 Cohort Apply in early Aug. Interview event in Sept. License needed before Oct. 18, 2019 New Grads - Cedars-Sinai
  13. OliverElio87

    WGU So Cal August Cohort

    Give up on WGU I understand. Please don't give up on being a nurse, there are plenty of schools out there!
  14. OliverElio87

    WGU So Cal August Cohort

    Oh no, im so sorry. Seems like the CA cohorts for WGU are getting smaller. When is the next one after the Oct? Are there other schools that you are looking at?
  15. Congrats! The lady should have just said "sign your passport and goodluck". This could have been a non-issue. Either way, I think it worked out for the best because I would have been to worked up to take that exam after going through all that with the lady.
  16. OliverElio87

    WGU So Cal August Cohort

    Did you ever hear back?