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Hello! I am looking for students who have applied or will be applying for Professional Nursing 2018 at Riverside College of Health Careers. How did you study for TEAS 6 and your score? What is your GPA? Thanks!

Specializes in RETIRED Cath Lab/Cardiology/Radiology.

May I suggest you browse through the threads in the TEAS Exam forum, here: https://allnurses.com/teas-exam-help/

I'm sure you will find some tips from those who have studied and passed!

I wish you success in your journey!

I am applying to the LPN-RN program. I went to Riverside today. They told me that about only 5 students get accepted for the bridge program. I am super nervous. I will be taking my TEAS soon.

I am very nervous to take the TEAS test. Do you mind if I ask what is your GPA? I have 3.5. I know the school said I need to get at least 65% to 75% but I would like to know from other students who have applied and/or been accepted their TEAS score and GPA. Good luck on your TEAS! I hope you get the score you desire.

My GPA is a 3.3 right now, but I just finished 2 classes that were pre reqs needed that I got A's in, so it should go up. The lady told me that they do not really look at your overral GPA, just the grades that you got in your pre reqs so for me I have an A in Micro, B's in A&P 141 & 142, A in English and an A in developmental pysch. For the LPN-RN bridge program she stated that I needed to shoot for an 80% on the TEAS to be considered even though the required grade is a 65%

Your grades were just like mine. I should probably aim for 80s too. I take the TEAS exam on the 14th. and extremely worrying about it. How long have you been an LPN?

I know this is a few months old. But I am looking into applying next year. I am wondering what sections of the TEAS we will be required to take? I have only ever take the HESI. I am looking into practical nursing as well. Did you get in? Or do you not hear yet?

Riverside requires all four subjects (reading, math, science and english). The deadline to submit the application is on May18th for August start date for RN program.

Thank you so much! I won't be applying until next year as I am looking to do nights/weekends. How were your overall grades if you don't mind me asking? I am worried about my Chemistry. I believe I received a C! It was high school. So 15 years ago now. I am debating if I should go ahead and re-take it. A's in both A&P classes, B in Micro, A in English. I got an A in intro to psych. I need to see what the difference in developmental psych is. I may need to take that as well.

I got all A's except for Micro and AP2 where I got B's. If I am not mistaken, I think Chem is not included when calculating your GPA. But, call the school to be sure. When is the next deadline for the night/weekend class?

Subimitted my application last friday with 3.5 GPA and 78% on ATI TEAS. Anybody else who are waiting to hear from the school???

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