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  1. If i was in your position, I would try to take TEAS again and apply for Aug deadline. It does cost a lot to keep taking the TEAS (at least for me) but I think it will be worth it. Do you mind sharing your stats (TEAS & GPA)?
  2. Did anyone get an access to Sonis yet?
  3. The annual health assessment is done by you. The healthcare provider statement needs to be signed by your doctor. I made an appointment with my doctor in Suffolk for next week.
  4. I printed the application from nursing dept. website and contacted: Amanda Jerez Undergraduate Program Coordinator Old Dominion University | School of Nursing Health Sciences Building, Room 2134 4608 Hampton Blvd., Norfolk, VA 23529 Desk: 757-683-4299 Fax: 757-683-5253
  5. Hey you never know. Life event always happen and they might call you again. If not, are u planning to apply for the Aug deadline? Do you mind sharing your stats for future applicants reference?
  6. Congratulations to all of you too!!! I am doing the ODU concurrent program as well. I am already in touch with my advisor and signed up for my first BSN classes this fall. Have you guys finished all the requirements on castle branch and the new student orientation on moodle?
  7. I got a call too on friday and will be picking up my packet tomorrow! Im so excited!!
  8. I wanted to call yesterday but got caught up with work. I dont know how they will notify students but I have not receive a call, an email or a letter. Does anyone know which way of communication we will receive?
  9. I feel the same. Next week would be the 4th week!!!!!! Good luck!
  10. Has anyone received a call or letter yet? Or share any information like starting physicals, background check, uniforms?
  11. Hello! I am looking for students who have applied or will be applying for Professional Nursing 2018 at Riverside College of Health Careers. How did you study for TEAS 6 and your score? What is your GPA? Thanks!