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Riverside College of Health Careers RN Fall 2018


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Do you know of a place where I can get the health assessment done at?

The annual health assessment is done by you. The healthcare provider statement needs to be signed by your doctor. I made an appointment with my doctor in Suffolk for next week.

Did anyone get an access to Sonis yet?

I have recently been rejected and i need some advice. Basically i could retake my Teas and score hopefully this would be for the aug application. Or i could retake a&p and wait a year bc at my school the course is taken in semester increments and reapply next year. What would some of you do; do i take my chances or wait

What was your Teas score and GPA?

If i was in your position, I would try to take TEAS again and apply for Aug deadline. It does cost a lot to keep taking the TEAS (at least for me) but I think it will be worth it. Do you mind sharing your stats (TEAS & GPA)?

Has anyone else been chosen as an alternate?

Hello there curious question. Did you just recently start in August for the RN program? I was accepted into the LPN-RN bridge program that starts in January, so I wonder if we would be joining your group. How has it been thus far?

Hi misjmelyn I know this tread is old just looking for some info on the LPN-RN bridge. How was the facultly based test and what did it cover? What do you need to make on the teas to be considered? And did you get your LPN from there?

For those that we accepted into the program what were your semester class schedules like?! I want to apply but wanted to see if I can work and do nursing school.