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  1. by   Jubilayhee
    At night its only twice a week. You need to take anatomy to complete the three series on sciences so I would try to get that class out of the way asap.
  2. by   rissyroo
    I agree with above! I took an anatomy and a general psych class. I dont think I would take more than 1 class with anatomy because you have basically 2 classes in anatomy, you have your lecture and your lab and in each of them you have either a test/quiz or lab practical. Its all memorization and easy if you dont overload yourself with too many classes! Good luck!!
  3. by   mgalano
    I took 3 other classes with anatomy and i handled it. if you dont have to take any other classes then i wouldnt. maybe pair it with dosage or intro to health
  4. by   spankybax320
    i took anatomy in newport with (moderator edit of name - please do not post names of instructors per terms of service) he is the best and also teaches at uri. i agree, you should only take one other class when taking anatomy it is the hardest class due to the volume of information. remember 30-40 percent of the class will not make it thru with a b .. that is why you really need to apply yourself. as of fall 2012 ccri is all gpa based and the holy grail has changed not to include micro. the real important classes are anatomy, physiology, and dose cal. worth 30 points each. your gpa 3.87 -4.0 worth 50 points 3.5 -3.87 worth 40 points down. 15 points for teas math,reading, english.
    i hope that helps
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