CCRI- physiology and microbiology at same time?

  1. I'm currently taking my nursing pre-reqs at CCRI, going 3/4 time. I'm on my second semester and I'll be taking anatomy and a few other things, mainly because when I registered last semester it was too late to get into any anatomy class.

    What I am wondering is, is it possible to get a waiver or something so I can take physiology and microbiology at the same time, next semester? Otherwise I'll have to take micro over the summer, and that means I won't be able to apply to the nursing program cause I won't have my grade in time (as far as I can tell). I know taking both together would be difficult but I'd prefer it to adding more time to my degree.

    Anyone know if this is possible or even sane to consider?
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  3. by   mgalano
    As far as I know you cannot take them together. It needs to be fair for everyone so I don't think they would allow this.

    I had to take micro over the summer, If you take it first session you have time to apply in the August app period. I took it second session in summer (because I wanted a certain prof. ) and then I applied in the October session.
  4. by   Jubilayhee
    I knew one girl that took them together. And I knew another that took them in reverse order. How they accomplished that I dont know
  5. by   mgalano
    Do you know if they were re-taking them? Like if someone got a C in anatomy they have to retake it to get a B for the program, but since they got a C they are still allowed to do physiology because the pre req for phys. was fulfilled.
  6. by   Jubilayhee
    No they got some kind of special permission through the office I believe.
  7. by   Mom02895
    im in a similiar situation. After this semester all I have is anatomy, physiology and microbiology. Just three classes, and it will take a year to complete becaue I can not take any of them together because 1010 has to be first and so on.. I guess there must be a reason. I will have to wait another year because I can only do the evening classes which are in the fall.

    I was hoping there was a way to at least take 2 together. I know the summer has session 1 and 2 but I dont think I could get in for fall with that. I really wish I did not have to wait.
  8. by   mgalano
    It does suck but it's just something you have to do, you should be able to do it in 3 semesters, I did all my pre reqs in 3 semesters starting in Fall 2009 with anatomy, Spring 2010 physiology, Summer session II in 2010 with micro, and in October 2010 I applied and got in to Start in January 2011. Ofcourse in those 3 semesters I also did the other pre reqs too.

    I did all night classes, providence campus has night classes in the spring so I went to that campus for that class.

    In the end you will have to take off one semester (being the one when you will apply) because thats just how it works out.

    also I have to add that I just do not believe in "special permission" , i don't care what the circumstance. Until they change the way they do things everyone should be expected to get their pre reqs done the same way. It should all be fair.