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  1. For the ADN in CCRI I have about another 3-4 semesters of pre requisites and if i do all of them I already got a year of the BSN at RIC out of the way. This is why Im trying to decide. Because to me it seems it will take about the same amount of Time (years) for both. and one is higher up. If I finish my Pre reqs by next fall I still have to wait until the following fall for nursing, that is 2 years right there, and then 2 years to get for RN. My school does transfer agreements with the other school which gives me automatic placement there and I take classes at both places and when I have so many credits I completely transfer over, I think its like 60 credit hours. Im so scared to make the wrong choice and fail.
  2. Im a young mother of two children. My kids are 2 1/2 and 1 1/2. I would like to get school over with As soon as I can because I know it will take up a lot of time. I am also working as a CNA while I take my Pre reqs for Nursing. I am currently attending Community College of Rhode Island. After thinking about this its going to take me about 4 more semesters to finish all the pre reqs Just to apply for Nursing. That is kind of stressing me out. This is Just for the Associates in Nursing. The upside is I become an LPN first and can work as an LPN while I finish school seeing as being a CNA is not bring in the $$. On the other hand I could Transfer to Rhode Island College and already have most of the first years worth of school for the BSN done and over with so I do not know what to do. Do I wait the next 3-4 years out and just get the BSN in Nursing, considering I was planning on doing that anyway? I want to be a Midwife. I am stressing my Husband out with this, and he does not get that I need to figure this out now. This is a big deal and a lot is going to happen with whatever I choose. I just need some advice. Oh and Is it best to not work while In Nursing? Im not sure how we can do that.
  3. Im not sure if its a dumb question or not. Right now im working on pre reqs, and was curious if going the BSN way is better. But I also have two children under two and Im working as a CNA. The pay is not what I need right now. But Im not sure Im a bit conflicted on which way is the best way.
  4. Mom02895

    How do I get into Oncology?

    Im currently in Nursing School for my RN. Im also a CNA. Im very interested in Oncology, but im not sure how to get into it. Is there a special certification I need, and where do I get it. The college im at does not offer anything like that. Are there any courses I should take while in Nursing School?
  5. I feel so lost half the time there. Its crazy! Im not sure If I will last 6 months, its just not practical. I feel bad for the residents I really do.
  6. I just started working in a Nursing Home, Everything is so all over the place. Im a CNA, and its very frustrating half the time I have no clue whats going on. They dont even have the right assignment sheets for my shift. The only paperwork they have is the books at the end of the night. SO if I need to remember something I have to pull out a scratch paper. For me, thats just not practical. People are getting multiple Fleets and Milk of Mag, and I think its because nobody marks down there BMs. I know Im new, and nobody will probably. It is a big facility, but Im hoping I can get my floor under control and maybesend help to the other units. It may not be my place, but If I dont try nobody will. I just have no clue where to start.
  7. Mom02895

    NEIT New England Tech RN 2010

    How is this school? What are the prereqs? Is there a waiting list, and when does it start?
  8. Mom02895

    CCRI Nursing Program

    Hello everyone. my name is Desiree Its my first Thread post. I recently passed my GED in April, I have been a CNA since 2007. I have 2 babies, and I plan to go to school for Nursing. I applied to CCRI, and I have my Accuplacer June 24th. What would come next? Would it be possible for me to get into the Nursing Program this year, or would I have to wait until next year. I also originally applied for a different program but I was still a little confused its also in Health care, would it be a big deal to change it? Is CCRI a good place to start? I was thinking of going into Oncology after I become an RN I know there are many specialties. Any advice for a -almost- Nursing Student? Anything I should read, or know? How about the Math, how hard is that? I have been doing studying for the Accuplacer, I need to sharpen my no so much math skills. Thank you
  9. Mom02895

    RI CNA License Renewal ?

    I have not worked in 2 years and still renew my license
  10. Mom02895

    "I'm on a break right now"

    I have seen CNAs and Nurses do that when they really are not on break. First you are supposed to tell your Co workers your going on break. Its illegal to not have lunch break, supper break etc.. But I totally get the not have time thing, which is usually the facilities fault for giving one CNA way to much, being a CNA i think its wrong. I was fired, for being a good CNA. While 4 CNAs were in the residents Day room watching TV when they were NOT on break. I worked 2nd shift. I had 14 residents of my own, and 10 lights going off and only 1 other co worker helping me, and we for saying something to them were fired. Why? I dont get it, I still dont 3 years later. That place was terrible. All those CNAs stunk. My aunt worked there 11 years and quit one day because The Director and Nurses were not doing anything about the Lazy staff.
  11. Mom02895

    Advice please

    You kind of need to ignore it. From my experience, if you try to reason with them or talk to them or even tell them they need to do there job you can get fired. Or maybe that was just my experience. But those are the people you just need to ignore. Sometimes its hard I know, because you may have to do their job as well, if you want to keep your job there you need to just let it go and hope it catches up with them. But I agree with the first reply I would say "get off your butt and answer some lights" But Where I worked The Nurse was right there telling ME and another Co worker to do everything while 10 lights were on and 4 CNAs were in the Day room not on break just sitting there. That was a bad night. I was fired from the place I got my CNA license from and was at for almost 3 years Because of CNAs who felt it was MY JOB to do their job. And since we had a new Director of Nursing, she had no idea the situation and got rid of the best CNAs including my aunt who was their for 11 years! Everyone knew she was the best CNA in that place. Sometimes you open your mouth and they wont take it. But I took time off to raise a family I have been out of work for almost 3 years I have two babies and Im going to school to be a RN.
  12. Hello everyone. I am new to allnures. I am a CNA, but have been a stay at home mom for the last 2 years. I enrolled in college, and I take my placement exam next month. Right now Im just enrolled in general Studies. Because Im just not sure on what I should do. My kids are 18 months and 5 months so Im not sure if Nursing will be a good idea. What do Nurses actually do? When i worked in a nursing home they didnt seem to do very much. I remember always doing what THEY were supposed to do. How stressful is it? Is Becoming an RN a good choice? What are the pros and cons to it? I know the schooling is hard, but will it be even worse for someone who has babies? What are the things i should consider.