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Rex and WakeMed


I've recently been offered a position in the WakeMed ED as a new grad fellow and it looks like I will also get an offer from Rex for their new grad program. I'm hoping to work in the Emergency Department at either facility. Both hospitals seem to be great places to work! From what I understand, the WakeMed ED will be a little crazier as a level 1 Trauma center and have a lot more uninsured/homeless/medicaid/medicare patients. People have told me that Rex has more private pay patients. I'm bilingual in Spanish/English, so my skills look like they would be better suited for Wake. Overall it seems like Rex may be a more pleasant work environment, but I would learn/develop as a nurse more at WakeMed.

Is the info I'm receiving correct? If anyone out there works at these hospitals, I'd be very grateful to hear your experience and any advice you want to offer. Thanks so much!

MichelleRN34, ADN, RN

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I have no info..but congrats on the two offers :)


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Congratulations on the offers! I live in Cincinnati and have been waiting for this fellowship to be posted for a while and of course it comes after I accepted a job here! Best of luck and I'd definitely go with wake since it a Level 1 trauma center and you get great exposure and experience.


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I'm not from that area, but my barents were both in Wake Med. The trauma center was amazing, and to be accepted there is awesome. You will get boatloads of experience in that environment! Afer a couple of years and you want something more "mellow" you can always change hospitals. Good luck!

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Well...Rex is part of the UNC system... So I believe Rex employees are public (state) employees just like UNC - CH Hospitals are. There are benefits to working in the state system...(when it comes to retirement, and continuing education). I do imagine that the ED at WakeMed Main is probably higher volume and more critical patients than Rex (more in line with Duke or UNC).

The thing is, you have to decide where it is you want to be - and what means more to you. I don't think either are bad choices, both seem to be respectable choices. Best of luck with your decision.

Thanks for the info and the kudos! I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to start my nursing career at either of these facilities. I'm leaning towards the WakeMed position because the hospital seems to line up a little more with my vision for healthcare and I think I'll have more opportunities to become a better nurse working there.

Regardless I still need to pass those boards to be employed anywhere! I probably need to spend a little more time prepping for that. :D

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Rex employees are NOT public-my friend found that out. WakeMEd has great shift diff. I have been trying to get into Wake since I got my CNA cert.!!!!!! I live 20 min from there. they have the BEST Ped ED. It is a little crazy in the main ED. Rex does not have a great rep for their ED. Women's center is GREAT though. I live here and have had some experience at all of them either as a pt or as a nursing student.

I work for WakeMed and I love it! Good luck with your decision :)

Thanks Jhatchicu! I actually accepted a New Grad position in the WakeMed adult ED. Everyone I've spoken with that works at Wake really likes it. I'll start on February 25th as long as I pass the boards next Thursday. I'm trying to study as much as possible while maintaining my sanity.

What unit do you work in at Wake?

Congrats! And good luck with boards :) you'll do great! I work at the Cary Campus...everywhere from the ED to the ICU

I've worked at Wakemed for 4 yrs in one if the ICU's and aM leaving. The Ed and ICU's at RALEIGH are having a mass exodus due to very unhappy nurses and poor management. I have been a nurse 18 yrs and Wakemed has been the worst experience if my nursing career. I hope things work out for you