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Hello, my name is donna and i am new to this board. I am writing you for some advise about a returning rn to the workforce, however i will not be returning to the workforce in my homestate. i worked for 8yrs as an rn at various hospitals before, hanging up my walking shoes until wee one was in school. we are moving in july to our new home in southcentral ky. when i left nursing i started working as a realtor and come this may i will have been out of nursing for 3 yrs. what do i need to return to nursing. i am working on my ky license. i am coming from california. i dont know if this will help me or hurt me. either way, i need to start preparing now. i already took the 2 required class, intimate domestic violence and hiv. hubby is retiring from law enforcement and will gladly do my fingerprints, application is complete. just wondeing now if i need a refresher coarse or anything else to get started? would appreciate your input. thanks in advance for your time in this matter. p.s. is there a difference in nursing between the states (i mean atomsphere, pace, pat load, how nurses are treated)

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I sent you a pm


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i own 2 homes in greensburg, allnurses says i cannot pm anyone, could you please email me through my profile. thanks donna

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