surrendering my LPN license

  1. I have surrendered my license due to health issues as well as disciplinary actions from the Board. I love nursing with my whole heart and hate that I have gotten myself into this situation. I am looking into other careers in the health field to pursue. My main goal in life is to help people and at this time I'm unsure of where to start looking. I was told that some careers may not let you sit for boards after you have completed a program. I'm wondering if there are any other nurses or "former" nurses who have been able to sit for boards in another area of the medical field while having "relinquished" their Nursing licensure.
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  3. by   nervousnurse
    I don't know the answer to your question, but just wanted to say I'm sorry this happened to you, especially since you love nursing so much! Hope you find something soon!!!
  4. by   rhopew
    Thank you so much... as long as i can find a career in helping people i know that i will love it as much as i have nursing. I'm starting to find a few answers so i know my future isn't completely over
  5. by   cheryl954
    I can understand part of what you are going through. I was a nurse for over 30 years before I had to give it up for health reason. I loved nursing and could not see myself doing anything else. About a year after I was off work, I decided I still wanted to work in the medical field. Since I could no longer work as a nurse, I went back to school and obtained a degree in Medical Billing and Coding. This will let me work in the medical field and be able to work from my home around my own schedule.
  6. by   rhopew
    Thank you i have thought about both of those areas as well. Because im also having issues with the B.O.N and this is a permanent surrender. Im lookin at a few different jobs which are certificate programs. Im not sure if this is different from having to sit for boards or not. Ive only been a nurse for 5 years and when my health issues started i started taking pain pills which obviously led to dependency issues as well. Im at such a loss at where to start my new future. I want to stay in the health care field and I want to be as active as i can be with helping and being around patients. I am so worried about not being able to get my C.O.A even if it is just for a certificate.
  7. by   lumbarpain
    I am sure you will find something that is right for you. You have to think positively and focus on the good that WILL HAPPEN. YOu want to help people . God has a plan for you and I am sure its the right direction for you. He wouldnt waste the life of someone who wants to care for people deep in their heart. Good luck to you.
  8. by   Katie13LPN
    You could be a technician in the hospital I would think. I would look into something like that and then certify once you have a job.
  9. by   garnet60
    I finished MBC course, obtained diploma, but remember that jobs do require 3 yrs coding experience before hiring. If you could get some experience at a local hospital or clinic, it would help tremendously for your career in billing/coding. You also have to have cert. for some google searches before spending alot of money on a diploma. There are some courses that are much less expensive than a diploma. The most important thing is to get the CPC certification!!!, research the different programs. Doesn't have to be college degree.
  10. by   Retired APRN
    There are lots of possibilities. If drug dependence has been an issue, working in a hospital may not be the best choice (slippery places and all that), but the world is big. Some possibilities:

    * medical transcriptionist
    * coding and billing
    * sales of medical or home health equipment
    * medical translation, if you are fluent in another language
    * different kinds of auditing work for insurance companies

    You might also want to look into dietetics, physical therapy, radiology technician, phlebotomist, medical technologist...

    I'm sorry you are facing this and wish you all the luck and success possible!
  11. by   sallyrnrrt
    respiratory therapy , and best of luck in any endeavers
  12. by   MedTech220
    Rhopew... What career choice did you choose? What kind of work are you doing now?
  13. by   Escape
    Head to your State Board internet site and look at their FAQ