Another seeking advice about returning to nursing :)

  1. Hi all!

    I posted back in August 2008 about wanting to return to nursing after taking time off to have my babies, who are now 3 years old and 11 months. When I originally posted, I was concerned with pumping on the job and was given advice to, if possible, wait awhile so pumping would be less frequent, which I accepted. I am still breastfeeding, but plan to wean when DD turns one on May 1st (if she is willing lol).

    I still desperately would like to return to nursing, but it has now been 4 years almost to the day since I left my position in Med-Surg (where I worked for one full year as a new grad... graduated in 2004 from ADN program, and worked from that time until April of 2005), and I am concerned that the hospital will be hesitant to re-hire me. There are no refresher courses in our area, and so I have been going through my old nursing textbooks on my own, even though I'm sure some things have changed since nursing is such a rapidly evolving area. After reading all the posts about those having a hard time finding a position after a temporary departure from nursing, I really want to get back in before it's too late!

    I would only be able to work PRN, probably twice a month at the most (if I am not mistaken, once a month is all that is required for PRN at this particular hospital). I have several worries (just my nature to begin with lol) but don't really know how to address them.

    For instance, is it okay to ask for an orientation or would that make me appear incompetent? Would it be possible to be hired in a unit where I have no experience, or should I stick to Med-Surg even though I didn't much care for it? Will they work with me on my schedule (we have a single family vehicle and I have to make sure I have someone to watch my children in advance)? Also, I would probably not be able to come in except for those scheduled days, and it seems that the PRN nurses I know are constantly being called in... I don't mind covering when I'm needed but with the car/kid situation, I'm just not able to up and go with short notice, and I'm afraid that would be a problem as well.

    Sorry this was soooo long!! *blush*

    Thanks in advance for any advice, suggestions, or simply encouraging words
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I would emphasize the positives and not dwell on the car/daycare issue. Depending on where you live, what's the job market? In my area its pretty tight so only talking in positives is what will get you the job.
  4. by   McBx3
    The job market is pretty tight here as well (we only have the one hospital, unless you are willing to commute 50 or 60 miles). There are quite a few home health/hospice type positions but most of them only want full-timers... same with doctors offices here.

    Thanks for the advice about focusing on the positives I tend to be one of those that says "I'm pretty good at ___, BUT..." which I learned the hard way that you don't say in interviews LOL
  5. by   judybsn
    When my kids were little I was hired to work every Saturday as a float. This was a good arrangement for the hospital as they always had trouble staffing on weekends and it was good for me too because my husband was home with the kids and I could take the car. I found that floating was sometimes easier because everyone knows you are not familiar with their unit and will help you out. Usually they were very grateful to see the float when someone had called in sick. All the best to you going back into nursing!! I think you are smart not to wait too long, even if you can work only once or twice a month.
  6. by   Curious1alwys
    Just checking in, wondering if you have any updates for us!!!:wink2:
  7. by   becembrie
    Believe it or not, I left the nursing profession for 15 years!! I had my kids and ran a family business all the while wanting to go back, but life just kind of got in the way. I was fortunate that many of the nurses I worked with all those years back were still at the facility I had left. I arranged for an interview and they hired me. I returned as a fellow and had an 8 week orientation. I've been back a year and it really hasn't been that difficult. I've had lots of support.
    I guess I would encourage you to go back and talk to someone that you knew who might be able to put a good word in for you. I also would encourage you to only focus on your positives. I would suggest you return to the unit you were on until you feel comforatable back in the hospital. Get some more experience under your belt and then when you are able to work more, look into cross training on another unit if that is your desire.
    Good luck.