Retaking and passing - What was different for you?


I'm going to take my second exam, with high hopes and a good outlook, but I'd like to hear what made you all successfuly the second/third/fourth time around?

Different study courses? (I took kaplan class + online but didn't utilize looking back on it, but I hear good things about

What books should I get? (Cram exam is on my list, I also have my kaplan course book and saunders nclex edition 4)

Different time you took the test? (I'm a night owl so I scheduled the latest exam possible)

Refocused after failure? (I think this lit my "fire" more than anything else, I really lagged on taking the exam)

I'm determined now that I've seen the test, got rid of the NCLEX hype and fear

I got a 59 on my kaplan predictor tests which means I shouldn't have passed.

I'd like to hear about some stories, tips and inspirations for my second time around!

Thank you for your answers :)

Background info: CA student, also I lagged on taking my tests because of fear, most likely the worst thing I could have done.

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took kaplan and took the nclex 1 month later. 100 questions/day