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As tough as I know nursing school can be, I was curious as to if anyone or how many people had failed nursing school at one point and successfully went back and passed?

I would love to hear some successful stories of your adventure :)

Our Nursing program is an ADN that's 4 years long, 2 years of it being in the actual Nursing School/Nursing Major. Of those four semesters of NS, a friend of mine was failing the third semester and had to drop out before she completely failed. Luckily for her, there was a spot open the following semester that she was placed in. Since then, she has rocked all of her exams and clinicals with >85%. I think in situations like that it either makes you realize that you don't have the passion for it, or it kicks your butt into motion.

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I had a very close friend fail her 2nd semester-the hardest one, only to come back the next semester to achieve a 3.8. She graduated with honors.

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The program I am in if you fail one nursing course you are done for 7 years, I believe. "Failing" is getting a D or F.

There are 2 nurses that I work with who told me they failed out of nursing school the first time, but the second time they rocked it! They are 2 of the best nurses with whom I work on our unit.

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My sis failed pharm twice and went on to become a nurse.. and a darn good one. I know another girl who failed one semester, had to retake it and also went on to become a nurse. Sometimes we fail, but with perseverance we can succeed.

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I have a friend who took the LPN program twice. He passed and has since gone on to be a wonderful nurse. Anything worth having is worth working for.

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