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Hi everyone, so in October I took my Hesi and winded up failing it. I got 67.9 in Math, and 69.8 in Reading. My school only needs the math, Reading, vocab and grammar. I'm really scared to take it again. If I don't pass I can't Retake it for a whole year. All I need to do is pass this test, and im in my program. Does anyone have any advice on study help, especially the math

-Please HELP



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ShayRay24 I take my Hesi tomorrow at 12:00 pm for the first time. I'll let you know after I test if what I have been studying works. I bought the 3rd edition Admission Assessment Exam Review guide, The Mometrix Hesi A2 Flashcard Study System, and I purchased a battery of tests for my Ipad from McGraw Hill called the Hesi A2. These products combined with Quizlet is what I have been focusing on over the past month. I am praying it's enough and so that I ace it tomorrow. I know we can both do this. We just have to stay focused. Sit down and make a study plan and to review daily. You can do this so don't let it get you down. If anything you are just better prepared on what to expect the next time you take it. Standardized testing is stressful but I know we can both PASS! Hang in there! I'll let you know once I have tested tomorrow how I felt about what I studied.


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Shannon I just took my test Friday!!! I passed and I did really well. I just about fainted when I got my scores. I have never had a score this high in Math in my life. Study the examples and the sample problems in the Elsevier Edition book 3. Work them over and over. When you take your sure you slow down using that calculator. I made a couple of mistakes that I caught but had I NOT worked my problem twice I would not have caught them and I would have chosen the wrong answer. BE CAREFUL using the online calculator, your mouse does not always do watch you want it to and sometimes you know how to work the problem and should have gotten it right but made a mistake entering it on the calculator. Double check your answers by plugging in what worked out back into the problem. Make sure your ratios really equal, that what you solved for x makes sense. Go with your gut on how to work the problem too. I skipped meaning finally picked an answer bc I couldn't remember one of the acre conversions. Know your conversions. Quiz yourself on them daily. Make a blank sheet of paper and write them all down and leave the answer off. So that when you practice it you don't see it. I'm a real estate agent and I locked up and could not remember the acre

The other thing I recommend is purchasing the McGraw Hill online edition to study. The practice tests and questions help you prepare for what you will see in terms of format on the HESI. It helped me out tremendously. I also had the Mometrix Flashcards they helped too but they did have information you don't use or need. Some of the geometry stuff you don't find on any of the practice tests so don't stress about that part. If it's not in the Elsevier you probably won't see it on your test in terms of Grammar and Math.

Practice on Quizlet. Search for Hesi and look at what the other students created. I made some of my own flashcards and I used some that I found.

I made a 94 over all with a 98 in Math! I just about fainted when I saw that score. Good luck and just know you can do this! Just study and practice those problems over and over. Wishing you lots of luck!!!


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@djstormin Good luck and thanks for the advice. I've been using Hesi admission 3rd edition, and quizlet, and also a study guide from the elviser website im hoping to take it in 2 weeks just a little nervous

Shayray24, may I ask where you found the study guide you're talking about? I have the hesi a2 book from elsevier 3rd edition, but would like something else. I take my test April the 14th, I've taken it before however, it's been a few years, I remember it had a lot of fractions, and ratio and priory ions on it. But that's all I remember. My school only does math and reading. Do I use the calculator when studying or working them my hand then plug them in?


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I went on the elviseR website and looked at my old scores. They put into detail the areas i struggled and have study guides you can print out. I also have that book it helps with math, not really the reading try also quizlet is great for the vocab on the hesi.

-hope that helped good luck im taking mine monday


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Would you be willing to donate your TEAS study materials? I'm having a meltdown because I can't get a hold of the book at the library.


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Is it a lot of word problems with the math


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I rented mine on i got it for 3 months for only 10.00.

Ive spent legit 6 hrs yesterday doing math problems, im feeling very confident:up:


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Awesome to hear ShayRay24!!! You are going to make a 100 on that Math! Keep studying! You GOT THIS!!! :)


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For me, there was quite a bit of word problems... I'd say like about ~25% were word problems. But they're not so bad if you take the time to break down what they're really asking... sometimes it's really just as easy as subtraction/addition!

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Are you able to go back to questions on the test, i.e. to check your math if you have time left? Or is it one and done and you can't go back? That's my biggest problem with online tests; sometimes you can't go back and it makes me freak out!

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