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Im taking my test in less than a month. And I've taken it once before but didn't do so well. I don't. Really. Remember. What was in it not sure. Where. I went so wrong.


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I've seen some people say they got to see the exact questions they missed from their first attempt. How do you see this? I looked at my reviews and all I could see is the areas I got wrong and the study guide they allow you to print based on that information.



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Hey I took my HESI exam today at 10:30 this morning and math is my weakest subject however there are strategies you can do. My weak subject is word problems. If you know for a fact you're not good in it study those. My test had a good handful of them. They weren't hard but I hate trying to find the relevant sentences. Do not worry. In ny other nursing program in community college I failed the pax test three times and a majority of the time was because of math but do not get discouraged. Don't be afraid to ask someone for help and Always always concentrate on the areas you are weak in. Don't spend your time on areas you already know.

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