Restraint or enabler, that is the question!!


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Ok, guys... Once again the demon of restraint vs enabler raises its ugly head!

1. A side rail that a resident, A&O x3 uses to help get out of bed and turn d/t physical enabler? a restraint? how would you code this on MDS?

2. I have an elderly lady, totally dependent on staff for care, unable to stand or even try to stand...lap buddy used as she curls up in the w/c and would fall out without the lap buddy. restraint? She cannot remove this even if she wanted to

3. I have an elderlt man, in a W/c, uses a lap buddy to help maintain trunk control/positionin w/c d/t unable to maintain safe posture w/o this... restraint? He can remove this if he wants to.

Any guidance is appreciated! Thanks!!


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Go straight to the horses mouth: youtube, type 'mds 3.0', then 'restraints', you'll get a video lecture from CMS that explains this topic in great detail- from the same people that crafted the MDS, itself. In fact, they have posted videos explaining every section, and nuance of the MDS 3.0.