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I think you nailed it on the head. I often think about why people act the way they do. I have taken Psychology and Sociology classes just like everyone here, but never have heard the reason why. I believe it is a group mob mentality. What ever is in fashion or the fad is what everyone does. People are sheep, they really are.

They claim to be individualistic, but they are not. Everyone is afraid to be different or be singled out. Even Jesus had to try to convince people to treat each other with respect. See where that got him?

There was a time in Nazi Germany when killing was accepted by many, not all. How do you explain this? Now a days that kind of behavior would never be tolerated, unless it was going on in Africa.

Human nature is powered by fad and fashion, and until it is fashionable to treat each other with respect, it will never happen. And when it does, as we all know, fashion and fad changes with the wind.

Sometime people act the way they do maybe that is what they learned from a young age or they just dont know any better.

Jesus tried to convince others to treat others with respect. That is why I leave it up to him. These people have to answer to him one way or another. He gave his life for us.

I believe sometime human nature is powered by the devil. People do evil things because the devil is taking over. You may be right these people maybe followers instead of leaders. They want to fit and they dont care how they do it. If they have to hurt others or even hurt themselves to just get some attention.

I work some of these nurses. Guess what these are the ones who knows their job and always on point with their patients. So we may have nurses who so nice to others but dont know nothing about what is going on and not trying to find out. We d^mn if we do and d*mn if we dont.

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Why does an RN always get trained in LTC and immediately leaves but the nurses that actually do the work (LPNs)get thrown the keys and told to get to work.

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