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I am curious about the requirements for licensure (besides graduating and testing) for an RN. Is it a hard process? I understand that there is also a background check also, what does that involve? thanks

In Iowa, we are required to complete 45 hours of continuing education every 3 years in order to renew licensure. That's 4.5CEUS every 3 years. There is also a fee for license renewal which seems to increase everytime. I think the last time I renewed it was $85.00. As far a background checks, I'm not aware of that, but there is a question on the form everytime asking if you have ever been convicted of a felony.

We were required to go to the sheriff's office and have a background check done with the results sent directly to school prior to entering the nursing program. It included a check of all states we had ever lived in. There's also a background check done when you initially apply for licensure, I'm not sure if it's done after that for renewals though?

I'll be applying to take boards next week, instructors are going to go over all the required paperwork with us, I'll let you know what I find out. (All states may have different requirements?)

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I was originally Licensed in Pennslyvania which does not have C.E. requirements. I do believe that PA did a background check to see if we had ever committed a crime In Pa the renewal in 21 dollars every 2 years. I'm also licensed in Ohio and it cost me well over 150$ to get my OH license..50 bucks to OH 40 bucks to PA and 5 bucks to my school for transcripts and the 30 bucks for my picture to be taken and I had to have some papers notarized as well. Ohio requires 24 C.E. credits in 2 years and I belive the renewal is 35 bucks. Good Luck!

Schools are increasingly adding FBI (state level bureau) background checks to their pre-req's. In our state a nursing student with a previous record committed murder on campus and that, of course, put a lot of focus on the whole issue. Also, someone told me that our local hospital had a sign up outside of their personnel office advising potential applicants that they would undergo FBI check.

CE requirements vary, with some states having NO requirement. Ours is 30 hours every 3 years. Not hard to do and believe me, in today's practice environment, you want to do it.

If you have old skeletons in your closet, call your state board of nursing anonymously and ask the questions.

Good luck.

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