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My mother graduated from Mount St. Mary's College in 1974, and lost her pin many years ago.

Any thoughts on how I might be able to get a replacement pin for her?

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How about the college or college alumni office? Also, oddly enough, peruse Ebay. The strangest things show up there.

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I lost mine and got a replacement through my school. How about contacting Mt. St. Mary's, if it still exists?

Oops, someone beat me to my suggestion!



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The alumni office at my school handles it. If the school isn't around now, it will likely be more difficult to find one.


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The bookstore handles the pins at some schools. Couldn't hurt to try there.

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I found a replacement at the nearest pawn shop. It wasn't the 14 kt gold but it was my (closed) school's pin. My daughter got an artcarved University of SC ring there for the price of the gold per oz. Artcarved changed the date and engraved her name for a very small price. A 500.00 ring for 60 dollars isn't bad. What is bad is that the parents give in and purchase these for their dear Sammy or Sue and they go right out and pawn them to go out on the town. Look on ebay for pbilan he has hundreds, look on You might have to wait til one comes up but the really do find things for you. And no I have no connection with either site. Im just a mod here trying to help.

And OP you need to watch how you sign on. Using your real name is not really safe.

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I lost my original nursing school pin many years ago and found the name of the company that made it by calling the nursing school. The company for mine, I believe, was Balfours. Once I contacted them I had no difficulty getting a pin as long as they got the money for it.

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I was able to get a replacement pin from Jostens. It took a few phone calls to get to the person who could arrange this for me, but they were very helpful.

The pin is identical to the one I lost 25 years ago. Jostens even engraved it with my initials and year of graduation for me. I'm so happy to wear it again.

Sorry, I don't have the contact info anymore, try googling it. Hope you find what you are looking for.

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