Hello all,

I was told that it is considered a repeat if I take two same science courses but different levels. I took Microbiology 1 (5 unit) and Microbio 40 (4 unit)

Can I possibly argue?

The microbiology 1 was way harder and also they did not use same textbook. Lab was way longer for unit 5. Just overall, it was very different experience. More labs and lab hours, and there was even field trip. And also presentations. I don't remember about difference between lecture contents.

Thank you in advance.

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That's really not a question that can be answered here. You'll need to go directly to the school to find the specifics.


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I imagine it depends on your school and their rules. It also can depend on if the classes were at the same schools.


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If the school that you are applying to requires a 4 credit Microbiology class and you take Micro 1 to fulfill that requirement and fail. You then take Micro 40 to fulfill the same requirement, then it is a repeat. You are repeating A class to fulfill the requirement, not necessarily repeating a specific class to fulfill the requirement.

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