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Do you know why the NCLEX is only in person proctoring? We have to travel over 400 miles to our closest testing center so I was wondering if there was some reason why they still have that being only in person proctoring when so many other exams and such are already remote proctoring. Does anyone know if they are considering making the NCLEX remote proctored?


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NCSBN uses Pearson Vue to administer the NCLEX. Pearson Vue administers over a hundred different tests from a wide spectrum of careers. They are not exclusively NCLEX. Remote proctoring would require more personnel to monitor the test takers. On site proctoring is a highly controlled environment. You have to empty your pockets and can not take anything into the test room.

People cheat with remote that the emergency pandemic is over that won't be an option. 


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Never heard about a remote NCLEX exam. You go to a building with people and cameras there watching you. 

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