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Remington College of Nursing

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I am thinking about applying to Remington College of Nursing in Orlando for the July 2015 class. I was wondering if I could get any feed back from people who have gotten their BSN there?

I haven't received my BSN from Remington but I was considering applying to their ABSN program. The reason I decided against it is because I found out they are not regionally accredited. Which means that if you are planning on getting a higher degree (e.g. Masters), the credits you earn in Remington's nursing program WILL NOT transfer! Remington is nationally accredited though. So after finishing their program, you are still eligible to take the NCLEX and become an RN.

I graduated from Remington and it is an excellent program. Remington is on par with UF's accelerated BSN. Many professors have come to Remington from the state universities. Our research professor also taught at UF while she was teaching us!

Remington is an intense program because it is ALL day EVERY day of the week.....there are also weekends and night clinical shifts that are required.

Remington also has a superior reputation with all the hospitals in the Orlando area. They see the student nurses wearing purple (Remington's signature color) and say, "Oh yes!! Remington nurses!!"

Also, the majority of our graduates had job offers in the Orlando area immediately after completing our practicum. The hospitals that have achieved (or are trying to achieve) Magnet Status seek out Remington graduates because they put out two classes of BSN nurses every year.

Remington is CCNE accredited and no one from my graduating class has had any problems getting admitted to various graduate programs all across the country.

I wish you the best of luck with your application to Remington!

Hello, did you end up applying for the July 2015 cohort? I just sent off my application yesterday. I am nervous but super excited, I hope I get in!

I personally attend Remington and yes, it is a private for-profit institution. As jujukitty71 mentioned, Remington has an excellent reputation with the major hospitals in the Orlando area and most everyone I have spoken with from the past graduating classes received job offers immediately.

I personally have enjoyed attending Remington and feel that I will graduate in July with the skills I need to be an excellent nurse and patient advocate. If anyone else is thinking about applying to Remington and feels they are prepared for the rigorous nature of the coursework and intensity of the program, I would certainly encourage them to apply. Besides, getting your BSN in 1 year... you can't beat that!

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Hello Elena2,

I would like to correct you regarding not being able to go to grad school. That information is absolutely INACCURATE. Most nursing grad schools only require a CCNE accreditation and accept graduates from Remington. There are many options for Graduate school including Ivy League schools including Duke and Yale to name a few. There are many state schools that want regional accreditation and even those make exceptions for Remington Graduates. I know that for a fact!! Remington College Grads are highly recognized in the Central Florida area and are sought after. I suggest that you do a little more research.