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CABG_QUEEN has 2 years experience and specializes in ED,CVOR,OR.

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  1. Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    I spoke with Sandy and she advised that we would receive an "EMAIL" indicating a status change in our application by the "END" of the month. There's some glitch in the system that is causing the delay. This feels sooooo nerve wrecking!! I sure hope ...
  2. Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    Hi LCSWtoPMHNP I sure hope that you get in this time.... I spoke with Sheri Dover this morning. She's taking over for Kayla. She advised that the interview is the one of final steps before acceptance and that letters will be going out mid February. ...
  3. Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    I received an email for PMHNP last Friday. My interview is next week. Has anyone completed an interview for PSYCH yet and if so how was it?
  4. Switch from the floor to the OR?

    Hello FutureResearchRN, So you're ready to make the switch. Perioperative nursing is a completely different realm of nursing. I worked on the floor and in the emergency department prior to becoming a circulating nurse in the cardiovascular OR. I al...
  5. remington college of nursing ABSN program for summer 2015 FL

    Hi sarahstenchy, I am a current student at Remington which will soon be ECPI University by the time you begin school.
  6. remington college of nursing ABSN program for summer 2015 FL

    I have some wonderful news for all of you new applicants. Remington College of Nursing is being purchased by ECPI University and the ABSN will now have SACS regional accreditation. You all are joining at a great time!
  7. remington college of nursing ABSN program for summer 2015 FL

    Hello Marina Nova, For PM access registered users must create 15 posts to have the messaging privileges enabled. They do this to facilitate interaction with other members. You can just comment or interact in any topics like
  8. remington college of nursing ABSN program for summer 2015 FL

    Hi Marina Nova, Hope all is well. It appears as though there are a few other threads going on for the July 2015 cohort.
  9. Remington College of Nursing

    Hello Elena2, I would like to correct you regarding not being able to go to grad school. That information is absolutely INACCURATE. Most nursing grad schools only require a CCNE accreditation and accept graduates from Remington. There are many o...
  10. RNFA program with no experience

    Hello ChronicSG, BSN To be eligible to enroll into a RNFA course you will need to obtain at least 2 years and 2400 hours of operating room experience as a RN which will also grant you CNOR eligibility (Certified Nurse Operating Room). However, you ma...
  11. West Coast University Miami (Doral), Florida

    Hi gsjs143, I got accepted however I decided to go to an accelerated program instead. Westcoast recently lowered there tuition and they have awesome scholarships. Have you taken the TEAS yet?
  12. GRE preparation

    Hello Mazur, I would love to get some more information to help me prepare for GRE as well. Please PM me. Thanks :-)
  13. Remington College of Nursing January 2015 ABSN

    Hi Krut2, Do not despair. Remington does rolling acceptance as long as you meet the requirements. It's not like other schools where they pool all of the applicants and choose the ones with the highest GPA.
  14. Remington College of Nursing January 2015 ABSN

    Hello LaurenUrban, I tried to look you up on facebook however there are quite a few Lauren Urbans.
  15. Remington College of Nursing January 2015 ABSN

    I did. This was part of my enrollment package " The maximum you may qualify for in Federal Aid for this program is approximately $18,548 (net) inStafford loans. The difference between that amount and the tuition for this program ($42,000) isapprox...