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  1. Elena2

    Remington College of Nursing

    I haven't received my BSN from Remington but I was considering applying to their ABSN program. The reason I decided against it is because I found out they are not regionally accredited. Which means that if you are planning on getting a higher degree (e.g. Masters), the credits you earn in Remington's nursing program WILL NOT transfer! Remington is nationally accredited though. So after finishing their program, you are still eligible to take the NCLEX and become an RN.
  2. Elena2

    Csu san marcos spring 2015 absn

    Hi agonzalez4321. The same thing happened to me! Tuesday, I was accepted into the Spring 2015 cohort and that same day I submitted my Intent to Enroll (and $150 enrollment deposit). But the very next day, my advisor called to tell me there was a data entry error, so he took away my acceptance for Spring 2015 and pushed it to Summer 2015. Are they willing to accommodate you for Spring 2015? Is it a sure thing? Or do they still need to ask the higher ups for permission? Keep me posted!
  3. Elena2

    Csu san marcos spring 2015 absn

    agonzalez4321, do you mind sharing your points? I received 44 out of 52. It's so strange. I turned in all my transcripts, test scores, and application on October 1st. On November 19th, I received my evaluation. But since then I haven’t received any notification from San Marcos. :/
  4. Elena2

    Csu san marcos spring 2015 absn

    That's so great! When did you apply? And when did you receive your evaluation?
  5. Elena2

    Csu san marcos spring 2015 absn

    Hi agonzalez4321! You got your acceptance for Spring 2015 on Monday? Wow! I thought the Spring 2015 cohort had been filled or at least that's what the front office has been telling me. Why'd you get your acceptance so late? Does this mean that there is still some spots left in the cohort?