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  1. JU Accelerated BSN 2015

    I got accepted too!! Cant wait!
  2. JU Accelerated BSN 2015

    Also what day did the two of you who have been accepted do your interview?
  3. JU Accelerated BSN 2015

    I think that the only way you can find out is through the mail!
  4. JU Accelerated BSN 2015

    congrats!!! do you live in jacksonville?
  5. Jacksonville University Nursing 2015

    Hey! I already had my interview and I hope yours went well! But if you don't mind me asking, what was your cum gpa or cum science gpa?
  6. Jacksonville University Nursing ABSN

    Mine is on Monday! I am so nervous..JU is my first choice
  7. Jacksonville University Nursing ABSN

    when is your interview?
  8. JU Accelerated BSN 2015

    Hello! I also applied to the JU accelerated BSN. I got en email today informing me that I am being invited for an interview, anyone else??
  9. Hello! I just received my email informing me I have an interview for the summer 2015 accelerated nursing program! I was just wondering who else was interested in JU or Id love to hear from people that are currently in the program
  10. Remington College of Nursing

    I am thinking about applying to Remington College of Nursing in Orlando for the July 2015 class. I was wondering if I could get any feed back from people who have gotten their BSN there?