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Remembering WW2 twice

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August 14th is recognized as VJ Day - Victory in Japan Day as the end of WW2.

(Some authorities recognize 8/15 as the official surrender of Japan.)

Also today is National Navajo Code Talkers Day. During WW2, Navajo US soldiers were radio operators for national security/espionage duty. Their native language was an ORAL language, not written. It was not decipherable by the Japanese, so the Navajo Code Talkers were able to provide an invaluable/immeasurable service to the war effort. They were long unrecognized for being the war heroes that they truly were.

Wikipedia has an interesting write-up.

TY to all our WW2 remaining vets and esp the Navajo nation for their wartime service. And to our current military.


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Thank you amoLucia!

I have an elderly relative (95yo) who is a veteran of not only WW2 but also the Korean war as well. Many brave souls have fought for our country and freedoms.

Thank you to all former and current service men and women for all your sacrifices!!


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