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hey all!!!!

on may 29th i posted a thread basically worrying if i was being stalk-like about a new grad residency program in valley hospital in nj..i received great advice...and followed the calling 1 week i went to the interview it went great...was supposed to be called back for a 2nd interview and it never fact the position was given to another candidate....none the less i was completely crushed...:crying2:..depression big time...i gained 5 pounds in 1 week eating ice cream and doritos...

well, when the recruiter called me, well better yet i called her, she set me up on another interview same position different unit...

i went to the interview basically in a "whatever" attitude...if i got the job great...if not whatever....i believe i developed this attitude as a defense mechanism...because you guys...i was sooooooooooooooooooooo depressed over not getting the 1st position...and i definetely didn't want to feel like that again..its not worth it...

don't get me wrong...although i had the whatever attitude...i still prepared for the interview as i did originally, however i wasn't "stressed" over it...none the less the interview went great!! i interviewed with the director and manager...they had a laid back interview the end of the interview they informed me that they had more interwing to do and that i would know in a couple of weeks....

in my mind i was like yea.. ok.. whatever.. moving on...well the next day...less than 24hrs later...i received a call from my recruiter offering the job!!!! are you freakin kidding after almost passing out from hyperventilation...seriously...i was like yes yes yes i totally accept!!!!

can you freakin believe it!!!!! persistence does pay!!!! i got a job!!! :yeah:

thank you all for the support and kind words...its soooo essential to this journey to hear wise words!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo


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Congrats!! :yeah: Good luck with your new job!


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I'm loving all these new posts about people finding jobs (esp the new grads)!! Maybe there's hope for me when I'm done with school.:yeah:. Congratulations!!


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great post! congrats!!!


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I am a great believer that persistance and determination pay off.

Good Luck.

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I must admit to being totally gobsmacked about the number of US nurses battling to get work! All over the world there is supposed to be a nursing shortage, to the extent that qualified nurses are being poached by various countries. South Africa has given up hundreds, if not thousands, of good nurses to countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Saudi, UAE etc etc. And let's face it: nursing is labour-intensive work! If there is such a shortage, and so many posters complain about heavy work loads, how come you're all struggling to find employment? Sounds to me as if the American public is getting ripped off! How can hospitals maintain acceptable quality standards without sufficient nurses? Yes, I know about the economic problems-how can we not? every time America sneezes, the rest of the world catches cold-but logic SHOULD dictate that in any service-orientated industry, you first ensure that you have sufficient staff at the service-delivery end; else how can you provide the service?

Congratulations on snabbling the job, and may I extend my sincere good wishes to all those out there who are still job hunting-good luck and I hope your economy turns around soon!


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I hate that new grads can't find jobs, when the ER that I work with is constantly understaffed. It is to the point that people often protest their assignments. How can you possibly work in an ER and have up to 12 pts. It is just not feasable. It makes me sick. The care you are giving no matter how good of a nurse you are is sub par @ best. I am a newbie, just off orientation and I can tell you, that there is no way that I can handle that many pts. I know a hospital is a business, but this business has a severe outcome on peoples lives. Something needs to be done about this. If I knew then what I know now, I would have stayed at my old job.

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Congrats. Glad things are looking up for you!


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CONGRATS on the new job! Hard work does pay off.

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I am happy for you!

One suggestion: Learn to cope with stress a different way other than food. You will be miserable gaining a lot of weight....

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Congrats on the job! That's great news. What kind of unit are you going to be on?